Netscout products deliver multi-purpose, real-time visibility, troubleshooting, and protection wherever your technology infrastructure and business applications reside. Our extensive portfolio includes products for security, service assurance, troubleshooting, diagnostics, business analytics, DDoS protection, and threat intelligence. Many of Netscout's software-centric products are also available as managed services.

Smart Visibility

InfiniStreamNG Smart Visibility

Deliver Superior User Experience with Enhanced Visibility
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Arbor Cloud Security and DDoS Protection Services

The Arbor Cloud Security and DDoS service delivers a fully managed, best-practices hybrid defense from the data center to the cloud.
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Arbor Edge Defense

Arbor Edge Defense (AED) is an inline security defense appliance deployed at the network perimeter (i.e. between the internet router and network firewall). It automatically detects...
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Arbor Managed Services

Learn about NETSCOUT's Fully Managed DDoS Protection Services, Backed by a World-Class Security Operations Center (SOC).
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Arbor Sightline

Foundation for networking and security visibility, threat management, DDoS mitigation & revenue generation.
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Arbor Sightline With Sentinel

Pervasive security, networking visibility and automated threat mitigation.
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Arbor Threat Mitigation System

Protect your organization or customer's network availability and performance with automated DDoS protection and attack mitigation.
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF)

Enterprise security teams can leverage the global threat intelligence of the ATLAS data to stay ahead of advanced threats and save significant time by eliminating the need to...
Arbor Security and DDoS

DDoS Attack Protection Products

NETSCOUT provides the industry's most comprehensive suite of intelligently automated DDoS attack protection products designed for enterprises, cloud/hosting providers and...
Enterprise APM & NPM

Edge Adaptor for Smart Edge Monitoring

The NETSCOUT® Smart Edge Monitoring solution expands the scope of visibility into user experience across service edges that is critically needed by IT operations to monitor and...
Test Labs

HS Series for Test Lab Automation

The HS-3200 enables you to automate your lab with speeds up to 100GbE, plus the ultimate in protocol, media type, and interface flexibility.
Service Provider

InfiniStreamNG RAN

Prioritize Mobile Subscriber Experience with Scalable Radio Access Network Monitoring
Service Provider

IoT (Internet of Things)

Digital transformation is an important driver for the increasing number of IoT devices. Visibility into the connectivity and communication between IoT devices and infrastructures...

Service Provider

Iris Session Analyzer

Iris Session Analyzer (ISA) uncovers and analyzes the specific calls and sessions that fail to deliver required performance.

Service Provider

Iris/GeoProbe Platform

Core Network Data Collection for Iris Applications. The GeoProbe family provides comprehensive network monitoring and data collection across legacy and next-generation technologies...



NETSCOUT TAPs provide network monitoring devices with full access to network traffic. Multiple options are available for various link types and speeds to maximize deployment...
Test Labs

nGenius 3900 Series for Test Lab Automation

The 3900 Series combines Layer 1 matrix switching with unique Layer 2-4 intelligence, in a single centralized platform, to optimize test lab operations.
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

nGenius 7000 Series Packet Flow Switches

Expand Your Visibility Fabric with Advanced Packet Broker Functionality
Service Provider

nGenius Business Analytics

Data collection and enrichment for informed business decisions.

nGenius Packet Flow eXtender Software

Expert Packet Conditioning for Scalable Visibility Network
Smart Visibility

nGenius PFS Fabric Manager

nGenius PFS Fabric Manager is a central management pane of glass that enables users to easily configure, deploy, and troubleshoot monitoring networks consisting of the nGenius 5000...
Service Provider

nGenius Session Analyzer

Powerful Visibility into End-to-End Call Flows Accelerates Resolution of Subscriber Trouble Tickets
Test Labs

nGenius TestStream Management Software

Meet the demands of complex test lab environments Today’s rapidly evolving, complex test lab environments are placing significant demands on your organization.

nGeniusEDGE Server

NETSCOUT’s nGenusEDGE Server expands the scope of visibility into remote user experience that has been absent from many IT departments struggling to monitor their client edge...
Service Provider

nGeniusONE for Carrier Service Providers

NETSCOUT's carrier service provider solution is deployed within mobile, fixed, cable, and satellite networks, and provides visibility to the most critical and profitable services.
Enterprise APM & NPM


App monitoring with nGeniusPULSE delivers the visibility needed into today’s evolving IT eco-system to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of your mission-critical...
Enterprise APM & NPM

nGeniusPULSE nPoint

Assure Availability and Performance of Applications and Network from Remote Sites

Omnis CyberStream

NETSCOUT provides organizations with the ability to strategically place Omnis CyberStream’s within their infrastructure to close existing visibility gaps left by current security...
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Omnis IDS

NETSCOUT’s Omnis IDS is a sophisticated, high-performance intrusion detection solution for enterprises of all sizes.
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Omnis Insight

By providing intelligent visibility into network traffic and attaining insight into where traffic is coming from, Omnis Insight enables more accurate traffic engineering, network...

Omnis Voice

NETSCOUT's Omnis Voice applies automation and AI/ML technology to reduce the complexity associated with the problem isolation of next generation voice services for VoIP and VoLTE...

Omnis WiFi

Automated Analytics and Multi-level Diagnostics for WiFi Services
Test Labs

OS Series for Test Lab Automation

For customers in need of and all-optical solution, the OS Series offers single mode fiber connectivity delivering data-rate and protocol transparency.

Packet Flow Switches (PFS) and TAPs

NETSCOUT packet flow switches provide critical visibility to combinations of security solutions, such as inline network protection and passive out-of-band intrusion detection...
Service Provider


MEASURE AND IMPROVE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS’ VIDEO EXPERIENCE Video consumption has changed dramatically in recent years. Subscribers can consume almost limitless content anywhere, on...
Test Labs

RF Propagation Modeling

Remove the Guesswork from RAN Planning with Service Analytics Module-based RF Propagation Modeling
Service Provider

Roaming and Interconnect Assurance

When subscribers cannot place or receive calls, revenue is jeopardized. To mitigate this risk, NETSCOUT’s Roaming and Interconnect Assurance (RIA) offering provides a comprehensive...

Test Labs


Testing Communications Networks, Applications and Devices
Test Labs

SpectraSecure DDoS Resilience Testing

Using built in, configurable DDoS attack vectors, SpectraSecure tests resilience to DDoS attack in a controlled manner. Contact us for more information.
Test Labs

Test Lab Automation Infrastructure Products

With the fast-paced demands of network and application technologies, you need to improve the efficiency, speed, and performance of your test lab to be prepared to meet today’s...
Service Provider


Information Drives New Technology Introductions and Improve Performance
Enterprise APM & NPM


Visibility for Outstanding Customer and User Experience in Data Centers, Hybrid Cloud, and Virtualized Environments
Cyber Threat & DDoS Protection

Omnis Cyber Intelligence

Omnis Cyber Intelligence is an enterprise-wide network threat detection and risk investigation platform that helps reduce the impact of cyber threats on your business.