Reimagining Visibility and Control Across Today's Complex Networks

Digital transformations, cloud migrations, SaaS/UCaaS adoption, and the hybrid workforce have increased the connected world's complexity, and visibility gaps have hindered problem resolution. As a result, "Smart Visibility" is essential for isolating end-user experience problems across the transaction path – including remote client, network, cloud, and data center service edges.

nGenius Enterprise Performance Management brings visibility throughout ever-evolving, multi-cloud environments to solve application performance issues affecting digital services across technology and organizational boundaries. nGenius Performance Management solutions assure high-quality end-user experience in any network, location, or service for any user, regardless of where they perform their jobs.

Organizations specifically addressing remote client edge blind spots can start with our nGenius solutions, which provide end-user experience monitoring for UCaaS and SaaS, video conferencing, and custom applications from any business location.

Digital Experience Management

Enterprise-Wide Visibility with Contextual Insights and Actionable Metrics

End-Through-End Visibility Across Multiple Domains

Performance monitoring for remote locations, colocations, data centers, public/private cloud, SaaS and more.

Consistent, High-Quality Digital User Experiences

NETSCOUT Adaptive Service Intelligence assures secure, reliable, and high-quality digital experiences from wherever users are located.

Unique Combination of Performance Monitoring Technologies

Deep packet inspection from passive monitoring and synthetic business transaction testing provide Smart Data analytics for real-time insights.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Network Packet Monitoring and Synthetic Testing

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management helps IT organizations overcome one of their the biggest challenges: evaluating digital experiences from distributed business edges. With NETSCOUT solutions, enterprises are quickly alerted of performance and user experience quality issues and can begin troubleshooting to significantly reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

By harnessing the power of both synthetic testing capabilities and Smart Data from packet-level insights, NETSCOUT's nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solutions delivery comprehensive observability. IT teams can leverage performance and user experience, which enables them to pinpoint the true root cause of problems - from remote location network, user's ISP, VPN or corporate infrastructure, the data center or public cloud, or any other domain the transaction depends on.

Enterprise Performance Management Network Diagram

Gain Visibility with nGenius Enterprise Performance Management

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