Your employees and customers don’t think about your business in terms of segmented applications and services; they just want to execute a business activity quickly and efficiently, from wherever they may be working. Companies have adapted to meet the demands of the both consumers and the hybrid workforce, with employees and customers accessing application services from diverse facilities and global locations. Additionally, as your IT environment has undergone digital transformations, the complexity of application delivery has increased. Yet, the expectation to deliver responsive and reliable application performance still exists.

Organizations need a holistic approach to enterprise application performance monitoring that spans every possible touch point - from voice and video to a myriad of mission-critical applications. Furthermore, that approach must extend across every border, regardless of whether users are sitting in a home office, corporate headquarters, or a field location.

Application Performance Management (APM)
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Performance Management for
Mission-Critical Applications

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management helps deliver seamless application performance throughout the delivery path while providing insight into user experience.

Enterprise Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor and analyze applications for key performance metrics related to responsiveness, errors, conversations, and service dependencies. Rapidly pinpoint the source of disruptions to keep business running smoothly.

Voice, video, and Business Application Support

NETSCOUT supports simultaneous, single pane-of-glass views that shows  performance, interactions and interdependencies for all your applications. Key metrics enable problem isolation and swift idenfitication of misconfiguraitons, routing, and capacity issues.

Monitoring Service Enabling Protocols

nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solution provides real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis on enabling service protocols like DNS, DHCP, LDAP, and Active Directory to assure performance of all your business applications.

Recognizing Custom Applications

Unique NETSCOUT technology makes it possible to identify and monitor custom, web-based, and other challenging applications to ensure performance is optimized for the most business-critical services in your enterprise.

Assure the performance of your mission-critical applications.