Extend Netscout’s Service Assurance Solution to the Data Center and Hybrid Cloud

Your employees and customers don’t think about your business in terms of segmented applications and services; they just want to execute a business activity quickly and efficiently, from wherever they may be working. Companies have weathered dramatic changes in how their employees work, with many around the world still supporting remote workers. Employees and customers are accessing your application services from home and corporate locations. Additionally, as your IT environment has undergone digital transformations, the complexity of application delivery has increased. Yet, the expectation to deliver responsive and reliable application performance still exists.

That’s why organizations need a holistic approach to application performance that spans every possible touch point, from voice and video to a myriad of business-critical applications. Even more, that approach must extend across every border, regardless of whether your employees are sitting in a home office, corporate headquarters, or a field location.

Application and network performance services and locations
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The NETSCOUT Solution

All your applications and services are critical today – disruptions to any of these can cripple business productivity. Netscout’s service assurance solutions provide critical holistic visibility and analytics to help you deliver seamless business and communications application performance throughout the delivery path, with insight into your employee’s experience from wherever they are connecting.

Application Performance Monitoring

Using the nGeniusONE service assurance platform with InfiniStreamNG and / or vSTREAM appliances, monitor and analyze applications for key performance metrics related to responsiveness, errors, conversations, and service dependencies. Rapidly pinpoint the source of disruptions and slowdowns to keep the business running smoothly.


Voice, Video, and Business Data Application Support

NETSCOUT supports simultaneous, single pane-of-glass views of all your applications. nGeniusONE shows the impact of application interactions and interdependencies. Key metrics enable IT to quickly isolate problems including affected users, routing problems, capacity issues, and misconfigurations.


End-User Quality of Experience

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusPULSE with nPOINT technology provides testing and analysis for organizations to evaluate employee experience from wherever they access corporate applications (home, customer, or headquarters) and wherever applications reside (data center, cloud, or hosted service).


NETSCOUT nGenius Management for Quality Application Performance: Anywhere, Anytime

NETSCOUT ensures application performance throughout the service delivery path for your mission-critical voice, video, and data applications, cutting through the exponential complexity of today’s sprawling, distributed application delivery infrastructure. nGeniusONE and nGeniusPULSE combine to help you resolve issues that will emerge during this work-from-home period and beyond. Your users will benefit from reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). And your business will benefit from optimizing your employees’ productivity and customer’s experience with key business application services with our application performance management capabilities.

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