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Everything is business critical today. There truly is no off. Enterprise environments have become more complex and are tasked with deploying a record number of applications services with less time and fewer resources. Corporations are dependent on the fully connected world and must deliver real-time access to information and business application services.  

Slow-downs and disruptions in business services wreak havoc on employee productivity and customer satisfaction, ultimately impacting revenue. Pinpointing the source of these problems presents their own set of challenges, further complicated by the complexity of the service architecture. Traditional lines of demarcation no longer exist when quick triage of a service is required. Diagnosing if it is client services, servers, application environments or the infrastructure network causing the problem is difficult and time consuming; often leading to costly “War Room” exercises.

The IT function is becoming a critical front-office priority. Although cross-team IT collaboration has been hampered by limitations from reactive, technology-siloed tools that reduce productivity. Service delivery and performance management initiatives that have traditionally been the domain of the network engineering organization have recently evolved to network operations and the broader support of IT operations. The nGeniusONE performance management platform facilitates this transition with its intuitive user interface, allowing network, server, and application teams, as well as Level 2 analysts, to quickly solve problems.

Take a look below for the Enterprise industries we serve:

Government building

Federal Civilian Agencies

Federal Civilian Agencies around the world are taking on immense, but essential, IT challenges. NETSCOUT gives IT teams the power the see performance, availability and security risks impacting digital services before problems arise and with more precision...

Men in camouflage gear working on a laptop in the field

Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies

Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies work hard to create a more secure, coordinated, seamless, transparent, and cost-effective IT architecture. NETSCOUT provides awareness across globally dispersed, secure, and highly-segmented national...

State flags on flagpoles lined up together

State and Local Governments

State and Local Government Agencies from all parts of the world are tackling a number of IT issues as they try to serve their residents, keep services available and reduce costs. NETSCOUT gives IT teams the power the see the full range of performance...

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Assuring Availability and Performance in Retail Banking Networks

Today’s successful Retail Banking operators must focus on continually driving incremental revenues and customer retention – while making rapid business and service delivery changes in response to global demands and volatilities.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration for Capital Markets

While trading floors have long used cutting-edge technology to bring precision to execute critically timed financial transactions, Capital Markets leaders today realize remote traders expect the same level of security and responsiveness to fulfill timely...

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Visibility and Real-time Performance Management for Pharmaceutical Business

Pharmaceutical digital transformation has been accelerating to capitalize on business service opportunities and transitions in motion. NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders provides the prescription to address these pharma business service challenges.

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Assure Availability and Performance for Manufacturing Networks

Manufacturers rely on digital transformation to increase production efficiencies, product quality, and service delivery. NETSCOUT solutions assure the reliability and performance of manufacturing services.

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Assuring Availability and Performance for the Insurance Industry

Providing Visibility Without Borders to manage digital transformations and monitor service delivery to customers, insurers, and agents.

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Assure Availability and Performance of your Retail Networks

With today’s ongoing digital transformation, even traditional brick-and-mortar retailers must embrace a hybrid of on-line, mobile/telephone, and in-store shopping options and customer support approaches in order to remain competitive.

Performance Management and Security for Higher Education

Availability, Cybersecurity and Performance Management Solutions for Educational Institutions

NETSCOUT offers Adaptive DDoS Defense, cybersecurity, and performance solutions for all levels education, from K-12 to higher education. Learn more about our solutions for schools of all types.
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Solutions for Transportation

Customer expectations are driving new applications and services that are changing the way we travel, purchase goods, and deliver services.

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Kickstart digital transformation in the utilities industry with NETSCOUT. Ensure Visibility Without Borders across your security, network, and application monitoring needs.
service provider

Carrier Service Provider Network Solutions

Your subscribers expect a high-quality experience each time they connect with your network. Delivering on these expectations requires visibility of your entire network – across elements, domains, service enablers, technologies and devices.


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