Ensure Critical Services are Available and Delivering Peak Performance

Manufacturers rely on digital transformation to increase production efficiencies, product quality, and service delivery. A disruption anywhere in the process can jeopardize product delivery, regulatory compliance, quality, customer satisfaction, revenue, and brand reputation. The challenge is to integrate application services throughout the entire process, starting with design and production, through selling, shipping, and billing. NETSCOUT solutions assure the reliability and performance of manufacturing services including: MES, SCADA, CAD/CAM, ERP, CRM, UC&C, Office Applications, and more, from anywhere, anytime, over any device.

Manufacturing nGenuiusONE Diagram
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nGenius Enterprise Performance Management delivers multi-purpose, consistent, real-time visibility across any service, any platform, any time. From the factory floor to business enablement, keep the entire organization running effectively and efficiently.

NETSCOUT Solutions for Manufacturing

  • Visibility into What Matters Most – Applications and networks spanning manufacturing and business processes
  • Minimize Disruptions - Quickly isolate root cause of issues
  • Vendor and Network Neutral – Applications on private, public, or hybrid cloud, or deployed on-premise
  • Single Vendor – Solutions for passive, packet-based monitoring, active synthetic testing, and security

A large enterprise industrial manufacturing company improved service performance by 25-49% with NETSCOUT.

We use Netscout to confidently deploy and secure applications and services across physical, virtual, and cloud environments by delivering smarter analytics to intelligently pinpoint data, network, session, and application elements that are causing performance problems.

- IT Analyst, Medium Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

Key Manufacturing Focal Areas

Manufacturing Application Performance

Manufacturers rely on nGeniusONE Service Assurance solutions for visibility to manufacturing-specific applications and services for design, planning, and production.

Manufacturing Network Management

Complex distributed multi-vendor networks need visibility without borders.

Business Application Performance

NETSCOUT provides critical visibility to individual applications supporting the manufacturing business including voice, video, email, and business applications, and the links between.

Manufacturing Security and Availability

Intelligent, automated, hybrid DDoS defense from NETSCOUT protects manufacturers.

Contact NETSCOUT to protect your manufacturing network.