Today’s successful Retail Banking operators must focus on continually driving incremental revenues and customer retention – while making rapid business and service delivery changes in response to global demands and volatilities, like the recent pandemic.

Customers now require alternatives to face-to-face transactions, so digital transformation is now only accelerating. Anywhere, anytime access to online transactions involving mobile applications, web, or voice-based services needs to happen quickly, safely, and without interruption – while complying with global and emerging regional financial standards.

Retail Banking Customer Needs
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Today’s Retail Banking operators require compliance, security, and service level assurance for all financial service delivery platforms.

NETSCOUT Solutions for Retail Banking

  • Visibility Into Financial Application Performance – digital, voice, call center, or at the branch
  • Before, during, and after monitoring for Data Center, Multi-Cloud, Co-Lo, and Virtual transformation success
  • Evidentiary compliance for financial standards (Federal, State, In-Country, PCI, ISO 8583, SEC)
  • Real-time voice, video, and UC monitoring for Webex, Microsoft and Cisco Teams, Zoom, VoIP, and Contact Center technologies
  • Assuring remote end-user experience – visibility into and intelligence about VPN, VDI, and SD-WAN 

NETSCOUT solution helps one of the largest banks in Canada to deliver flawless UC&C and other services to millions of clients and tens of thousands of employees worldwide.

I’m a long-time user of Netscout and smart data helps me redirect the efforts of the war room.

- IT Specialist at Global 500 Banking Company

Key Retail Banking Focal Areas

Retail Banking infrastructures involve technically complex environments that must provide uninterrupted service delivery in compliance with financial industry and government standards.

Digital Application Performance

For Retail Banks increasingly reliant on digital application performance for service delivery, nGeniusONE provides anytime/anywhere visibility and real-time monitoring.

Network Performance Management

nGeniusONE provides visibility into multi-cloud, virtual, Co-lo, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

nGeniusONE assures Contact Center UC&C services for Retail Banking service delivery – at Contact Centers, branches, and home offices.

Payment Processing & Regulatory Compliance

nGeniusONE provides visibility into ISO 8583 service components, evidentiary compliance with financial standards.

Retail Banking Security & Availability

Protecting Retail Banking operations is critically important for a business with complex regulatory requirements and security standards.

Remote Banking Operations

nGeniusONE provides visibility and real-time monitoring required to assure services accessed via VPN, VDI Application and SD-WAN.

Performance Management in Retail Banking Industry

It is imperative that the technology underpinning continuous banking operations be safeguarded by a performance management solution.

Ensure your retail banking delivery with NETSCOUT.