nGenius Decryption Appliance

Enable inspection of SSL/TLS encrypted traffic for use by passive or active security and service assurance tools.

Data integrity is key

In an effort to ensure privacy and security of data, encryption of network traffic is often a common practice. SSL/TLS has become the dominant stream-oriented encryption protocol and now constitutes a significant and growing percentage of traffic in the enterprise LAN and WAN, as well as throughout service provider networks. It has proven popular as it is easily deployed by software vendors, while offering privacy and integrity protection.

Effective decryption for inline or passive tools

The nGenius Decryption Appliance (nDA) enables encrypted traffic inspection of SSL/TLS while not reducing performance. It is deployed as a transparent inline bump-in-the-wire (BITW) device, enabling it to be used in Layer 2 or Layer 3 environments without having to re-architect networks or configure client devices to explicitly send traffic to proxies. In this mode, the nDA feeds decrypted traffic to inline or passive service assurance and security tools. Alternatively, nDA can be deployed as a passive out of band appliance to decrypt and feed traffic to passively attached service assurance and security tools. When combined with the NETSCOUT nGenius Packet Flow Switches, service chains comprised of multiple in-line or passive tools can also be created.

Key features of the nGenius Decryption Appliance include:
  • High Capacity
    4- and 8-port models handle up to 20 Gbps and 40 Gbps of bidirectional traffic respectively.
  • Passive and Active Deployment
    Out-of-band and inline deployment options with nGenius Packet Flow Switches allow chaining multiple service assurance and security tools.
  • Purpose-built
    Leverage acceleration hardware and SSL/TLS stack purpose designed for low latency and resource usage.
  • Investment protection
    Take advantage of latest TLS + SSH versions and encryption algorithms.
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nGenius Decryption Appliance

The nGenius Decryption Appliance (nDA) enables encrypted traffic inspection of SSL/TLS while not compromising the use of SSL/TLS or reducing performance.

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