The NETSCOUT / Palo Alto Networks Partnership

Security operations (SOC) teams in every industry vertical need help to secure dynamic infrastructures that span multi-cloud, on-premises, and network edge. Strengthening security and reducing business risk, therefore, requires smart and integrated platforms to illuminate threats everywhere, anywhere, anytime.

As businesses race to the cloud and expand activities across a geographically distributed and hybrid environment, NETSCOUT and Palo Alto Networks have come together as technology partners to enhance an organization's cybersecurity posture and defend this expanded attack surface while enabling SOC teams to reduce administrative efforts and associated costs. Palo Alto Networks solutions integrate seamlessly with several NETSCOUT products, including Omnis Cyber Intelligence, Arbor Edge Defense, and Arbor Sightline.

The NETSCOUT / Palo Alto Networks Partnership

Arbor Sightline, Arbor Edge Defense integration with Cortex XSOAR

An improved security posture and faster time to detect and respond is possible by integrating NETSCOUT’s industry leading Arbor DDoS attack protection solutions with Palo Alto Network’s Cortex XSOAR, the most complete SOAR platform available on the market.

Omnis Cyber Intelligence integration with Palo Alto Networks Panorama

The NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Intelligence integration with Palo Alto Networks Panorama takes threat detection and mitigation to a new level. Enterprise organizations get an integrated solution that combines comprehensive threat detection with advanced Next-Generation Firewall blocking capabilities, to mitigate corporate security risks faster and more efficiently.

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