Powerful Visibility into End-to-End Call Flows Accelerates Resolution of Subscriber Trouble Tickets

Your ability to quickly isolate the root cause and remove performance barriers is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction and protecting revenue. nGenius Session Analyzer addresses the growing complexity of new technology, service introductions, element interoperability requirements, and dynamic usage patterns with the most powerful call flow analysis capabilities in the industry.


Accelerated Set-Up and Configuration

An easy-to-use, scenario-driven interface takes the complexity out of robust configurations and time-consuming filter selections independent of the underlying instrumentation.

Actionable View of Complex Call Flows

Full and accurate correlation of every call ensures relevant signaling and media messages for each session are collected and presented with clarity.

Productivity Improvements

Intuitive, drill-through workflows reduce the mean time to resolution (MTTR) for subscriber troubleshooting and session analysis while equipping non-expert personnel with guidance on best next steps.

Isolate and Resolve Performance Barriers Quickly

The nGenius Session Analyzer application empowers service providers to troubleshoot a wide range of subscriber sessions and events. Designed to streamline workflows within a single application, nSA utilizes the nGeniusONE solution to provide a consistent end-user experience for network operations teams. All trace functions are supported across deployed ISNG, ISNG RAN, G10, GeoBlade, GeoSoft RAN and SpIprobe platforms for a comprehensive and correlated end-to-end view.


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nGenius Session Analyzer

Single, Optimized System Improves Productivity

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