Expand Your Market with GeoMarketing

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face revenue growth challenges, including declining Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU). GeoMarketing from Netscout provides a way to meet these challenges.

Our GeoMarketing using the Automated Analytics RAN Machine Learning Precision Module utilizes new algorithms and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) to significantly enhance subscriber geolocation accuracy with 40% greater precision than existing passive algorithms, including indoors. It provides opportunities to increase top-line revenue through subscriber location-based services (LBS) that can increase ARPU without the need for GPS.

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Mobile Operator Monetization Strategies

Lean on Netscout for precision and experience. We have provided business and marketing teams around the world with successful LBS. These carriers are taking advantage of insights and monetization opportunities that include tourism, government, finance, marketing, and advertising.


Mobile Operator Monetization Opportunities

Our advanced algorithms on top of our smart data platform enables MNOs to provide the transformational experience subscribers expect. With increased precision for real-time geolocation and usage data, MNOs can increase revenue opportunities for location-based services. In addition, while the disaggregation of RAN and Core often leads to finger-pointing, our end-to-end analytics eliminate that issue to reduce MTTK.

- Sanjay Munshi, VP of Products at NETSCOUT

Powered by Smart Data

Netscout’s technology takes large volumes of network data from multiple sources and delivers Smart Data that is well-structured and available in real-time, providing end-to-end pervasive visibility across the entire network, by subscriber. Smart Data delivers superior analytics –intelligently and efficiently analyzes all of the data, providing contextual analysis of your network and application performance.

Smart Data is a green technology that determines the best way to process, store, and retrieve data, guaranteeing that the InfiniStreamNG Smart Data Platform makes the most efficient use of compute and storage resources, and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). All of this delivered with reduced middleware, a smaller footprint, and less power consumption.

Monetization Strategies for Mobile Operators
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Precise Location with Business Velocity

Current geomarketing solutions in the market lack operational feasibility and/or precision including: large errors in dense urban areas, no indoor coverage, and higher latency. Netscout meets this precision threshold with AI and Machine Learning!

Model learns on 1% 3GPP based Minimize Drive Test (MDT) calls

Model predicts 99% non-MDT calls

Lower latency feed than passive algorithms

40% accuracy improvement over traditional methods

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