Seamless Visibility

Migrating to a Software-Defined Network (SDN) is a major transformation for any enterprise. SDN offers simplified management, security, provisioning agility, and improved data center economies. Additionally, many are also implementing Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) for remote site connectivity, as well as migrating some key services to public cloud.

Avoiding and reducing impact from degradations, during and post transition, is a top priority to ensure user experience is preserved. However, pinpointing the root cause of disruptions involving SDNs, SD-WAN, and cloud can be difficult if IT staff lacks economical visibility or uses inefficient point tools.

Successful migration and ongoing operations will depend on overcoming a lack of visibility into application dependencies and user experience. Your bottom line depends on continuous availability and quality end-user experience; anything less, puts your business at risk.

Data Center Transformation: Seamless Visibility Required
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The NETSCOUT Solution

NETSCOUT closes visibility gaps that enable you to maintain high quality and business continuity throughout your SDN transformation. The benefits include:

Real-time Performance

Visibility into real-time performance of applications and user experience while validating properly implemented security controls.

Application Dependencies

Understand the dependencies of an application and baseline its performance.

User Experience

Achieve user experience goals with applications in the new SDN environments and over SD-WAN deployments.

Lower MTTR

Faster resolution time of application and network issues with complete visibility into East-West, as well as North-South traffic.

End-Through-End SDN Performance Monitoring

NETSCOUT has developed a revolutionary solution to extend the power of Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology that takes packet analysis beyond traditional data centers and north-south traffic into virtualized environments to provide deep insights into east-west traffic. It provides seamless views that scale across your SDN and SD-WAN deployments and alongside your hybrid-cloud and legacy data center environments.

The nGeniusONE platform delivers unrivaled end-through-end visibility into business services and provides contextual workflows to speed problem resolution. Through overarching views powered by NETSCOUT’s Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology you have unmatched visibility intoSDN performance monitoring of applications and user experience. nGeniusONE exposes underlying service dependencies that help IT teams to manage health, availability, security, and user experience issues more effectively across SDN and SD-WAN deployments.

End-to-End Visibility
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