Education IT teams and their IT service providers and partners face a daunting task to keep applications and services available and secure, while ensuring high-level performance demands and troubleshooting requests for applications that support a tech-savvy user population are met. Students and educators need to ensure access to educational resources, enable effective student-teacher interactions, protect the ability to deliver online testing, and guarantee productive collaborative learning can be done on-premise or remotely from anywhere.

Applications Supporting the Student Journey
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Safeguarding the information infrastructure from cyberattacks is a top priority for schools, colleges, and universities. In addition, IT professionals in Education must also provide real-time performance management of network, application, and cloud services – in wired and wireless environments – to ensure student access, regardless of their location.

NETSCOUT Solutions for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

  • Cybersecurity Solutions – Passive, packet-based monitoring and Adaptive DDoS Protection Solutions within your network or as Internet-based solutions

  • Real-Time Monitoring – In-depth monitoring of Applications in the Data Center, or Hybrid Cloud with active synthetic testing

  • Visibility into Applications like LMS, Chalk Board applications, and Administrative apps

  • Assure Student Experience – Rapid triage and faster MTTR for issues impacting on-line collaboration or essential student services.

IT professional confirmed NETSCOUT monitoring and troubleshooting solution reduced MTTR by 80 – 100% as part of their organization’s cloud migration. End-Through-End visibility protects user productivity and helps solve problems fast in the hybrid cloud.

Netscout consistently works for me, shortening the time it takes to find the root cause of performance problems.

- Network Administrator at Large Education Institution

Network-Wide Security and Availability

Schools, Colleges, and Universities must provide student privacy and protect academic assets, and that implies high-availability, well-secured systems.

NETSCOUT’s Arbor Adaptive DDoS Protection solutions help ensure fast, secure access for students, educators, and administrators. NETSCOUT delivers a real time-network visibility for availability, security and performance management from a single platform through scalable Deep Packet Inspection to provide early warning, triage, evidence and root cause determination capabilities.

Network Performance Management

Voice, video, Learning Management and Conferencing software, and the links between them, are critical to all levels of Educational institutions and require the high-performance links and constant availability that are monitored by nGeniusONE.

nGenius Enterprise Performance Management helps IT teams manage successful Virtual, Cloud, and SDN rollouts of new applications with NETSCOUT Single-Pane Views and Smarter Analytics.

On-Site Application Performance and Security

Colleges and Universities have the same IT requirements as other large organizations, such as employee payroll, benefits tracking, inventory, billing, and more. There are also specialized IT needs for educational institutions, such as student resources including health care, meal plans, and scholarships. These applications can be tracked in detail by the NETSCOUT solution, helping IT teams quickly identify bottlenecks.

Instructors, professors and staff also have specialized needs such as class scheduling, assignments and submissions, and grading. Whether these functions are addressed using industry-standard tools or custom software, they can be monitored by nGeniusONE and protected by Arbor Adaptive DDoS and Omnis Security solutions.

WebEx VPN Monitoring Dashboard
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This screen shows a display of multiple streams involved in a Zoom conference. Notice that some seriously degraded MOS scores are shown for the audio portion of the conference.

Protecting, Securing and Ensuring Performance of Distance Learning Systems

Educational institutions need very specific software when learning and teaching remotely, such as LMSs, Web conferencing, etc. The constant availability and performance of these applications, and the student experience using them, is key to the reputation of the institution.

  • Distance Learning Systems are, by definition, distributed systems and therefore vulnerable to attack. NETSCOUT delivers intelligent, automated, Adaptive DDoS protection for these systems.
  • Voice, video, learning management, and conferencing software needs constant availability, and clear troubleshooting workflows for better MTTR.
  • nGenius Enterprise Performance Management provides real-time visibility into multi-cloud and hybrid environments, and rapid troubleshooting across applications deployed on various platforms.

Protect your institution's services with NETSCOUT.