Networks Face New Challenges

  • Network performance once optimized for specific devices, peak times and applications demand re-evaluation and reprioritization to avoid unnecessary spending and knee-jerk infrastructure build-out
  • Your subscribers changing behavior as to how they are using your network to entertain themselves, conduct business, and connect with each other
  • Accelerated trial, uptake and use of third-party OTT applications is driving complexity with unpredictable network behavior and congestion-causing bandwidth consumption putting your own revenue-generating services and applications at risk

Gain real-time visibility to all network traffic and cost-effectively manage resources, prioritize service delivery performance, and meet changing customer expectations.

NETSCOUT OTT Analytics & Visibility Solutions

NETSCOUT's Smart Visibility allows network operators to characterize, analyze, and troubleshoot the OTT traffic on their networks. As a leader in network monitoring, we have invested heavily in OTT for your use cases: OTT analytics for Mobile Operators, OTT for hybrid networks, and OTT for Internet Service Providers.

OTT Analytics for CSPs

IP Level Insights

OTT for CSPs  

OTT Analytics for ISPs

Identify & Classify Traffic

OTT for ISPs