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Cloud DDoS protection services, such as Arbor Cloud, employ an adaptive DDoS attack mitigation mechanism that operates both from data centers and the cloud. This approach ensures comprehensive protection against various DDoS threats. These services specifically counter high-volume attacks targeting bandwidth, "low and slow" attacks aimed at applications and infrastructure, and simultaneous multi-vector attacks. Such protection routes inbound traffic through DDoS scrubbing centers, ensuring only filtered and clean traffic reaches the server, whether directed via DNS or more extensive routing methods like BGP.

Cloud DDoS Protection


Purpose Built Global DDoS Protection

Arbor Cloud provides over 15 Tbps of DDoS attack mitigation capacity via 15 worldwide scrubbing centers located in Asia, Europe and The Americas.

Seamless Hybrid Protection to Industry Best Practices

On-premise protection guards against state-exhausting attacks aimed at security infrastructure in tandem with Arbor Cloud managed DDoS protection service. It also helps stop attacks that target Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and business-critical applications.


The Arbor Cloud DDoS protection service is supported by NETSCOUT’s 24x7 ASERT Team. ASERT engineers and researchers are part of an elite group of institutions that are referred to as ‘super remediators’ and represent the best in information security.

Sub Minute Mitigation SLA

With the intelligent automation capabilities of Arbor Cloud, we can provide mitigation initiation within 60-seconds of detecting an attack via cloud signaling from your APS/AED, via flow-detection or as part of your always-on DDoS solution.

Arbor Cloud On-Demand DDoS Protection
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Arbor Cloud Managed DDoS Protection Service for Enterprises

Arbor Cloud combines on-premise DDoS defense with cloud-based traffic scrubbing services that are tightly integrated via an automated cloud signal. This multi-layered, adaptive DDoS protection approach is a proven industry best practice and is the only way to mitigate today's full spectrum of DDoS threats for both Service Providers and Enterprises, all from a single cloud DDoS protection provider.

Why NETSCOUT’s Arbor DDoS Attack Protection Solution is Better
Solution Brief

Why NETSCOUT's Arbor DDoS Attack Protection Solution is Better

NETSCOUT Arbor has the industry’s broadest portfolio of DDoS attack protection products and services that enable organizations of any size to customize a solution to meet their technical and financial requirements of today – and the future.


 NETSCOUT Arbor Cloud for Service Providers
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NETSCOUT Arbor Cloud for Service Providers

Augment your local mitigation capacity and staff with Arbor Cloud for Service Providers.

NETSCOUT Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection for Enterprises
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NETSCOUT Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection for Enterprises

NETSCOUT Arbor Cloud combines on-premise AED DDoS defense with global cloud-based traffic scrubbing services for best-of-breed, hybrid, DDoS attack protection.

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