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Defending Government Agencies Against High-Volume Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks

Attacks are often waged against national security infrastructure. NETSCOUT has observed a massive increase from the previous half year in attacks against the US national security sector alone.

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DDoS attacks have increased in both number and complexity in recent years. In the first half of 2023, NETSCOUT observed a staggering total of ~7.9 million DDoS attacks, representing a 31 percent increase year over year. Local, State and Federal government agencies are a favored target for attackers. While attacker personas and motivations can vary, the impacts can be devastating, from total lack of availability of government services to disruption of critical infrastructure. It is critical for government agencies at all levels to have effective solutions in place to stop these attacks quickly and minimize their impacts. The most effective protection against dynamic multi-vector layer 3-7 attacks is a multi- layer hybrid solution comprising both on- prem and global cloud-based protection.