NETSCOUT Solutions for Test Labs

Network and application test Labs are essential for most organizations. They are used to guarantee seamless deployments and upgrades, solve customer problems, and verify the latest cyber security tools and techniques. 

Test Lab Automation

Automate your test lab infrastructure using TestStream Lab Manager and NETSCCOUT’s layer-1 switches for Test Lab Automation. Take advantage of the win-win by enabling remote work and improving the efficiency, speed, and performance of your test lab.

Communications Testing

Use Spectra2 to test your communications infrastructure with complete flexibility and without borders. Spectra2 supports testing all types of communication infrastructure including 5G core network functions, VoIP applications, IMS/Diameter networks, WebRTC gateways, PSTN interoperability, and more.

DDoS Resilience Testing

DDoS attacks continue to rise. Verify your network’s resilience to attack before it happens.