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DDoS Protection Mini-Series

March 29, April 5, April 12, April 19

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In this DDoS Protection mini-series, we’ll explore the latest Cyber Security risks you are facing, and more importantly how you can mitigate your risk. Click the “Register for Series” button to review and register for all sessions. Or review the descriptions below to register for single sessions.

March 29, 2023 | 1:00 pm EDT

You Think You Know DDoS? Think Again

Join this discussion and gain insight on:

  • Exposing myths, common misunderstandings and flat-out un-truths regarding state exhaustion DDoS attacks, application layer DDoS attacks, capabilities of firewalls, CDN based DDoS protection, cloud only protection and other common cybersecurity sentiments.
  • Evolving defensive strategies to keep pace with rapidly changing attack tactics and strategies of criminal actors and nation states.
  • Industry best practices you may not know about that will improve your preparedness, refine your cyber defense strategies, help you defend more effectively and efficiently and reduce your risk.
  • Relationship of DDoS attacks to other cyber security threats like Ransomware, infiltration, exfiltration, and reconnaissance and how to strengthen your cyber defenses with achievable mitigation strategies.

Gary Sockrider, Director, Security Solutions, NETSCOUT
Jeff Hauk, Senior Sales Engineer, NETSCOUT

April 5, 2023 | 1:00 pm EDT

Smartly Using Global Threat Intelligence in the Fight Against Modern DDoS Attacks

Join this discussion and gain insight on:

  • The different types of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and the value they provide to supporting and enhancing your Cyber Defense strategy, development and execution.
  • Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS) that delivers unique visibility into one-third or all internet traffic correlated into meaningful, understandable and usable intelligence to enable organizations to better understand, defend and react to threats.
  • Context and actionable DDoS threat intelligence via ATLAS, Internet-wide security trends, mitigation guidance for new DDoS attack vectors and attack campaigns, designing new DDoS detection / classification / traceback / mitigation mechanisms, and leveraging NETSCOUT expertise for complex, high-impact DDoS attacks.
  • ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF) which provides unique information to automatically arm NETSCOUT Arbor DDoS attack protection solutions with the latest DDoS attack tactics, known sources of DDoS attacks and Indicators of Compromise to automatically protect organizations from DDoS attacks and other cyber threats.

Richard Hummel, Senior Engineering Manager, Security, NETSCOUT
Andrew Cockburn, Chief Solutions Architect, Security, NETSCOUT

April 12, 2023 | 1:00 pm EDT

Defeating Adaptive DDoS Attacks in Superhero Fashion

Join this discussion and gain insight on:

  • Making sense of DDoS attack trends, the latest network and security research and analysis, and recommended best practices from industry experts that can be deployed in your environments.
  • Utilizing best-in-class on premises stateless solution that automatically detects and intelligently mitigates DDoS attacks and other cyber threats.
  • Leveraging cloud-based, fully managed DDoS protection services consisting of fifteen global scrubbing centers and more than fifteen Tbps of attack mitigation capacity.
  • Deploying intelligently automated hybrid DDoS protection that combines on-premises and cloud working in concert to provide the best protection, reduced OpEX, and lowest Total Cost of Ownership. 

Tom Bienkowski, Senior Director, Security Product Marketing, NETSCOUT
Scott Iekel-Johnson, AVP, Product Management, NETSCOUT

April 19, 2023 | 1:00 pm EDT

One Size Does NOT Fit All When It Comes to DDoS Protection

Join this discussion and gain insight on:

  • Understanding the right questions to ask to ensure you are choosing, building and implementing the right type of DDoS protection that meets the needs of your organization and aligns to your unique circumstances.
  • The critical differences between the types of DDoS attack protection solutions including CDN, ISP, ISP agnostic, on-premises, hybrid, and the risks they mitigate and the risks they do not mitigate.
  • NETSCOUT Arbor DDoS solutions that provide best-in-class solutions for identifying and managing the mitigation and detection of DDoS and other threats to the network, surgically removing DDoS attack traffic from your network without disrupting key network services, inline security appliances deployed at the network perimeter, on-demand cloud-based solutions, and managing the systems, tuning them to industry best practices, and managing DDoS incident response.
  • Best Practices in DDoS Defense including strategy, tactics, keep components, automation and proper coverage to detect, thwart and stop DDoS attacks from doing damage.

Gary Sockrider, Director, Security Solutions, NETSCOUT
Joe Rainville, Principal Security Sales Engineer, NETSCOUT

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