Do You Know Exactly How Many Subscribers Are Impacted?

We can tell you. Cable/MSO and Fixed Line Network providers can decrease churn and increase customer satisfaction and longevity by using Smart Data to improve customer experience and service reliability. By isolating service faults to the 'last mile' of the cable edge with distributed access architecture (DAA) and fiber to the X (FTTx) network monitoring, providers can easily identify which service calls can be diagnosed and remedied remotely and those which need to have technicians onsite.  

Smart Data enables providers to move from a reactive customer care model to proactively address voice, video, and streaming issues with smart analytics, thanks to advanced fiber monitoring and management, that offer actionable insights. Smart Data lets you provide smart service.

Why Choose NETSCOUT ?

  • Deliver Gaming Speeds
  • Guarantee SLAs
  • Launch New FTTx and DAA Services with Confidence
  • Deliver Superior Customer Experience
  • Assure OTT Service for Remote Working
  • Adapt and Evolve the Network for the Future


Service Analytics

Immediately locate any degradations in quality of service (QoS).

Video Analytics

Use latency data to analyze OTT data and user experience.

Subscriber Experience

Know exactly how many subscribers are impacted.

Smart Outcomes

Pinpoint service issues and make quick and impactful decisions that reduce customer support costs with detailed fiber monitoring.

Focus Areas

High Speed Internet (HSI)

Emerging from the pandemic, remote/hybrid work arrangements are still the norm making HSI a critical service offering for webinars, web surfing, and OTT apps. Ensuring dependable service levels takes continuous visibility and fiber monitoring.

Reducing Truck Rolls

Rapidly pinpointing the source of service issues is critical to keeping services running smoothly as well as utilizing service technicians most efficiently and economically.

Service and Subscriber Availability

Your subscribers depend on service availability whether they work at home or in their business. Early warning of service loss helps to reduce downtime for: 

  • Voice
  • Video
  • High-speed Data
  • Mobile Service

ROI Assurance

Assure a confident and successful deployment of cloudified or disaggregated networks, and be sure they’re working as well as your legacy systems, with network monitoring.

Cable and Fixed Architecture

As networks evolve to meet higher bandwidth requirements, you must be able to measure subscriber experience. Use NETSCOUT Smart Data for visibility from the core, to the edge, and through the last mile.

FTTx Monitoring for Cable/MSO
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How Can NETSCOUT Help Cable, MSO, and Fixed Line Operators?

Headend/Data Center

  • HSI Performance
  • Voice, Video, Data Loss, and Errors
  • Link Congestion
  • Video Quality


  • Low Uplink BW
  • Low CPU and Memory
  • Fault Isolation: Network vs App
  • Signaling Errors in Multivendor DAA


  • CPE Availability
  • WiFi vs Wired
  • Uplink vs Downlink Latency
  • Active Testing

Key Issues and Monitoring Points for FTTx

Monitoring the FTTx infrastructure helps to assure the delivery of network performance and high quality customer experience to the “last mile”. This diagram presents the critical monitoring points for expected FTTx network issues.

nPoint and InfiniStream diagram

Know Exactly How Many Subscribers Are Impacted