NETSCOUT Omnis Threat Horizon

Your Global Cybersecurity Threat Landscape in Real Time

Today’s global cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving, requiring visibility into malicious threats and DDoS attacks. True situational awareness requires a global view beyond your organizational perspective. NETSCOUT's Omnis Threat Horizon is a free tool composed of highly curated, real-time global threat data presented in a way that allows you to understand how it impacts your organization.  

Global Awareness with Local Relevance

Netscout Omnis Threat Horizon is a global cybersecurity situational awareness platform providing you with highly contextualized visibility into 'over the horizon' threat activity on your landscape – your industry, your suppliers and your customers.

See Differently

View the global cyber threat landscape of international DDoS attacks as they are happening in real-time. Get attack information such as source country, target country, attack size, duration and attack type.

Identify Trends

Tailor your monitoring capabilities to your needs. With powerful filters you can parse the data any way you want – by size, industry, vertical, region or country.

Gather Insights

Read detailed reports on high-profile attacks and peek into our view and analysis of the gobal cyber threat landscape.

Get Advanced Access

Sign up for a free account and expand your situational awareness of the global cyber threat landscape. Look deeper into real-time cyber threat monitoring. Parse the data with powerful filters and save it in your Neighborhoods. Get access to all the recent attacks. View historical data back to 2003 to identify trends, gather insights, and much more.

Global Cyber Threat Horizon Map

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