New Business Opportunities & New Operational Challenges

5G is Forcing a Fundamental Shift in Operational Focus

The advent of 5G is forcing a fundamental shift in operational focus from Performance, Reliability and Coverage, adding Security as a key tenet. Mobile broadband has become the Internet on-ramp of choice for millions of subscribers; but as more home and small office infrastructure transitions to using mobile connectivity, the same risks to service availability and quality that have plagued wireline networks for years are coming to MNOs (mobile network operators).

MNOs are now challenged with:

  1. Managing increasing threat activity from consumer fixed wireless access, IoT, gaming, and non-NAT services, etc.
  2. Achieving scalable, granular, cost-effective visibility into fast growing user plane traffic.
  3. Ensuring identity attribution for accurate threat mitigation and reporting.
Securing Mobile Networks with MobileStream & Arbor Sightline

The Combined Power of NETSCOUT and Arbor

We offer the only comprehensive threat detection solution for 4G/5G mobile network security. We are first to market with a network-scale solution. With our unique, scalable Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Sightline traffic visibility, our customers can:

  • Extend real-time traffic monitoring and threat detection into the mobile core to protect an increasingly vulnerable threat surface.
  • Gain deep visibility into 4G/5G user traffic headed north, south, east, and west within the mobile network.
  • Acquire comprehensive visibility in today’s multi-vendor 4G and 5G networks, correlating user and control plane traffic for real-time identification of malicious traffic and associated mobile end-points while extending the detection, and threat management capabilities of Arbor Sightline into the mobile network domain.
  • Assure and secure within a single Visibility Without Borders platform.

Surgically identify and mitigate the threats to your network.

Protect the performance and availability of your network in real time.

Network Protection and Security for Mobile Operators

The Combined Power of NETSCOUT and Arbor

Powerful, proven, and trustworthy solutions for over 25 years

NETSCOUT Omnis Security Suite Protects You from Threats for Network/Security Operations

Arbor Sightline and Threat Mitigation System (TMS) automatically detect and mitigate inbound DDoS attacks targeting the mobile SGI/N6 interface.

MobileStream DPI and Arbor Sightline Mobile monitor, detect and correlate outbound cyberattacks and other threats in the mobile core targeting both mobile subscriber devices and MNO infrastructure.

Virtual Arbor Sightline, TMS and Arbor Edge Defense (AED) protect vital service delivery infrastructure in the MEC from DDoS attacks and other threats, providing holistic mobile network security.

Mobile Network Security Strategy Diagram

The Combined Power of NETSCOUT and Arbor