Transform Operational Data into Actionable Insights for Unprecedented Enterprise Control

NETSCOUT's latest sensor innovation intelligently captures observability insights from IT ecosystems with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-level precision and granularity. This enables faster problem resolution, better decision-making, and exceptional user experiences, all with the accuracy and scalability modern organizations need to thrive.


Ensure Quality at Every Point in the Pipeline

Unlock advanced analytics and improve machine learning algorithms with Omnis data insights from the source, supercharging ROI for confident ingestion into data lakes and consistent streaming to AIOps and security platforms.

Accurate, Scalable Data Teams Can Trust

Empower your NetOps, SecOps, and AIOps teams with the high-quality insights they need to automate and streamline IT service management and operational workflows and build stronger AI/ML foundations.

Drive Better Outcomes Across Your Business

Improve troubleshooting and risk mitigation in data-centric networks and applications with deep, highly accurate operational data to power innovation, enhance data-powered results, and enable proactive actions and workflows.

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Make Every Data Decision a Business Decision

The NETSCOUT Omnis AI Sensor is purpose-built to help companies achieve their business goals and protect user experiences. As a key component of NETSCOUT’s Omnis AI Insights solution, the sensor, in tandem with the Omnis AI Streamer, provides the 'high-octane fuel' organizations need to sharpen their competitive edge and future-enable and future-proof services and operations. The telemetry data collected by the sensor and curated through the streamer is known as the Omnis AI Feed. It can be easily ingested into data lakes or streamed through pipelines to partner ecosystems. Omnis AI Insights components can be deployed on a hardware device or virtually as containerized microservices.


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