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Accelerate what's possible with NETSCOUT's groundbreaking Omnis™ AI Insights solution. Engineered to drive superior business outcomes and elevate user experiences, this cutting-edge offering empowers AI/ML processes, delivering real-time data to enhance your service performance.

The Omnis AI Insights solution provides the highest quality, granular session and conversation-level telemetry data, derived using our industry-renowned Deep Packet Inspection technology, to augment and reinvent your most ambitious operational workflows. This AI-ready data can be extracted and organized into domain-specific, targeted feeds, ready for seamless ingestion into data lakes or streaming through pipelines to our NETSCOUT® partners.

Now, you can keep pace with your dynamic business environment without overburdening IT operations and budgets. Train your AI models with the highest quality insights from NETSCOUT to elevate AIOps processes, reinforce your security posture, identify disruptions, and resolve them faster.

Graphic showing Global DPI at Scale feeding in to Omnis AI Insights engine and exporting with the Omnis AI Feed module.

Optimize AI and ML Processes

Transform business goals into business outcomes with scalable AI-ready insights powered by Deep Packet Inspection.

Enhance Data Analysis

Consistently feed high-quality, curated data into AIOps, security solutions, or data lakes for custom analysis and processing.

Refine Risk Mitigation

Enhance your security posture against evolving cyber threats, reduce false positives, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

The Insights Engine Built for the AI Age

The Omnis AI Insights solution from NETSCOUT delivers meticulously curated, high-quality network telemetry data refined with Deep Packet Inspection to identify and correlate observability trends, streamline and automate data analysis, uncover historical operational patterns, and detect unforeseen issues and security risks that could lead to future service outages and data breaches.

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Omnis AI Sensor

Unparalleled telemetry insights at enterprise speed and scale across your entire IT ecosystem.

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Omnis AI Streamer

Build data pipelines that sift through the noise to improve the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of IT operations and AI/ML workflows.

Explore Infinite Possibilities with Omnis AI Insights Solution Partners

NETSCOUT's partner network consists of globally renowned top-tier organizations known for their expertise and experience analyzing and visualizing large machine-generated data sets in real-time and enabling AI-powered service and cybersecurity processes. This collaboration enhances NETSCOUT's ability to deliver advanced solutions, accelerating detection, investigation, and response capabilities for organizations worldwide. Some of NETSCOUT's partners include:

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