Assure Critical Business Services

Communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises have been working to deliver high-performance applications with private 4G (LTE), and they have an opportunity to be even more successful with 5G. Providing high-performance applications through the disaggregation of the public cloud gives them multiple options for deployment. The advent of software-defined network (SDN) virtualization combined with orchestrated container-based microservices provides the ultimate deployment flexibility, scalability, and redundancy for private enterprise 5G.

Whether the private 4G/5G network is located on-premise, off-premise, or a hybrid of those - having end-thru-end service visibility is critical to assuring customer experience and monetizing device and end-user behavior. NETSCOUT solutions provide this visibility to continuously deliver timely and valuable insights across RAN, Edge, and Core, enabling users to explore real-time scenarios, create custom KPIs, and drive informed business decisions using Smart Data. Private 5G has the potential to transform the world as we know it. But the complexity multiplication requires Visibility without Borders.

Assure Critical Business Services
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Control 5G Visibility Challenges

4g vs 5g Requirements
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Enterprise ready or not:  5G is here; and a visibility strategy from NETSCOUT can help extend your networks to the edge, manage cost, mitigate risk, and assure the highest quality of end user experience while protecting existing investments in private 4G LTE resources. Increase end-thru-end visibility and minimize challenges that come with Private 5G network design:

  • 5G multi access edge compute
  • Disaggregated architectures
  • Application tiers spread across physical and web architectures

Leverage Ultra High Definition Visibility 24/7

Partnering with NETSCOUT will ensure enterprises benefit from public network capabilities in a private setting. Enterprises can leverage precise visibility strategies to establish control of their network health and achieve effective end-user experience across vast campus areas for any network edge within industry verticals and beyond.

NETSCOUT Solution Benefits


Scalable vendor independent solution supports ultra-high visibility with source data that is encrypted (SSL) for transmission and storage

Local on Prem

Achieve end-thru-end visibility; meet local bandwidth requirements for low latency and better user experience for AR/VR, robotics apps etc.


Gain proactive oversight with 24/7 visibility to manage alerts for campus wide abnormal events


Manage high bandwidth applications for accurate usage and immediate problem resolution

Workspace Collaboration

Increase productivity across teams with scalable end-thru-end views of applications and service enablers


Easily transform your networks to next generation technologies with a scalable platform while operation remains unchanged

5G Everywhere Takes Visibility Anywhere