Monitoring 5G Networks

Netscout offers End-through-End Visibility for 5G Services

Netscout's scalable monitoring solution, designed for the cloud, helps Carrier Service Providers (CSPs) to successfully deliver actionable insights into reliability and latency for 5G networks, applications, and services. Whether implementing private 5G, 5G on the Edge, or Mobile our solution evolves with your monitoring strategy and assures continuous end-through-end support for CSPs and Enterprise 5G use cases.

Our universal smart data model is 3GPP compliant and gives CSPs the competitive edge to quickly see business challenges across organizations for decisive actions to evolve their networks and reduce OPEX.

A trusted proven-vendor of service assurance solutions, Netscout's carrier-grade analytics solution suite provides visibility and insights on services for 5G Non-standalone and Standalone architectures across any vendor, any technology, and any network with full support for 5G/IoT control plane and user plane traffic.

5G Deployment

From 4G to 5G, see it all with life cycle planning or risk it all. End-to-end visibility from RAN to Core, and to the edge is critical and ensures troubleshooting for automated decisions for any cloud (public, private), any network (physical, virtual, hybrid), and any workload — RAN, Open RAN, virtual RAN, Cloud, virtual core, and Edge Computing throughout the 5G Life Cycle.

5G Life Cycle Phases

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Use Case

Assure Reliability of 5G and IoT Services

Achieve visibility into mission critical IoT services, create new revenue opportunities, assure high availability, secure devices, maintain service level agreements (SLA), and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with our carrier-grade solutions.

• Provide input data from modeling

• Understand traffic growth/trends

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Use Case

Analyze 5G Network Behavior

From a single pane of glass validate design implementations, test entire 5G network design before launch, and assure a superior customer experience.

• Test network design

• Analyze traffic

• Validate configuration

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Use Case

Know Your 5G Network Uptake

Capitalize on the right analytics, for insights into the distribution of 5G services by unique subscriber counts and launch 5G with confidence.

• Validate customers usage

• Verify network is working properly

• Confirm internal resources

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Use Case

Troubleshoot Your 5G Network

Leverage end-to-end troubleshooting, ensure low latency at the Edge, reduce MTTR, and improve OPEX.

• Manage CEM

• Evaluate ROI

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Use Case

Optimize Your 5G Network with GeoAnalytics

Quickly identify traffic hotspots, determine specific locations to deploy new cell sites, and save on OPEX.

• Optimize system performance

• Improve KPIs

• Drive essential ROI with automation and analytics

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Use Case

Improve Planning and Design for 5G Networks with Predictive Analysis

Gain visibility into augmentation measurements required for network planning and design from 4G to 5G with propagation models; accurately reflect pathloss around cell sites, avoid over planning and/or under planning network design, and save on CAPEX.

• Build propagation models

• Analyze density and patterns of traffic

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Use Case

Pre-Launch Your 5G Network

Know your network use near real time insights, to make 'No Go or Go' production ready decisions.

• Test traffic volume

• Test system readiness for multiple sites

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5G Stand Alone or Non Stand Alone

CSPs deploying 5G Non-Stand Alone (NSA) and Stand Alone (SA) network architecture can confidently integrate our 5G monitoring solution across multi-generations of mobile, cloud, Cable, and hybrid network technologies to gain visibility and insights into 5G services: network slicing, massive MIMO, RAN sharing, and automated policies in support of Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) to assure rapid response for:


Automatically engineer the network for growth and performance

End-to-End Session Analysis

Gain visibility into complex sessions, reduce troubleshooting, and monitor network expansions

Proactive Service Assurance

Apply multi-dimension analysis and collect forensic evidence in near real-time

Big Data and Automated Analytics

Successfully gain business insights and address Return on Investment (ROI)

Propagation Model Calibration

Minimize network enhancement time by leveraging predictive optimization


Netscout - 5 Ways to Get Smart Visibility from Here to 5G

The only carrier-grade 5G solution providing Visibility Without Borders.

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