The Cloud is Ready; Are You?

We are helping leading Communication Service Providers (CSPs) around the world gain the competitive edge utilizing their NFV architecture while achieving complete visibility and real-time insights into their networks from day one, at any stage in the cloud journey: from physical networks, to hybrid networks, to cloud-native solutions.

NETSCOUT's carrier-grade/software-defined network solution leverages the power of Smart Data, with proven analytics, to provide CSPs with seamless visibility before, during, and after deployment in any environment.

Gain Cloud Confidence Today - gain reliability, security, and flexibility with a company that was first in NFV and 4G/5G telecom deployments and services. With NETSCOUT’s cloud solutions, you can:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase automation for mobile edge computing
  • Monitor microservices that can be managed independently
  • Build in security at every layer of your network
  • Assure the customer experience while building your 5G network and IoT devices

NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders: Gain Cloud Confidence while seamlessly securing and assuring your network.


IBM and NETSCOUT Collaborate

NETSCOUT Will Extend Its Visibility Without Borders into IBM Cloud for Telecommunications

Carrier service providers (CSPs) are rapidly moving to cloud platforms to realize digital transformation goals and innovate with technologies such as 5G, 5G Enterprise, virtualization, business analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). By using platforms that optimize their ability to deploy capabilities such as network slicing, edge computing, and big data analytics, CSPs can build new revenue streams from enterprise and consumer services that extend far beyond standard connectivity.

NETSCOUT Extends Its Visibility Without Borders into Google Cloud with Packet Mirroring


IBM and NETSCOUT plan to combine their strengths to enable CSPs to innovate with confidence in hybrid cloud environments. This collaboration will help CSPs to build an open, secure, multi-access, multi-service network cloud using NETSCOUT’s comprehensive service assurance and security portfolio.


Solution Highlights

  • Support Cloudification of the Telco Network
  • Maintain Service Assurance Continuity Throughout Each of these Lifecycle Phases
  • Enable CSPs to Innovate with Confidence
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Is Your Information Close Enough to the Edge

As 5G rolls out, added capacity and performance is set to enable new applications from augmented and virtual reality to ultra-high definition video, such as 4k and 8k. However, provision of mobile broadband is the initial 5G application being rolled out by service providers because there’s a clear market need for it, and service providers are familiar with the network demands of mobile broadband services.


Just because more capacity is available for mobile broadband with 5G, does not mean that it should be used unnecessarily by sending terabits of data across the network to be analyzed by centrally-located cloud servers. Instead, the extra capacity presents an opportunity for service providers to place compute power at the Edge of the Network, so analysis can be performed, and to only send relevant data or insights on to centralized servers. This opportunity means so-called mobile edge computing (MEC) devices are being deployed by enterprises.


Solution Highlights

  • Utilizing the Edge of the Network effectively
  • Advantages utilizing your Edge can provide
  • Maintaining visibility into all parts of your network including the Edge
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5G Makes Virtualization Vital, Not Optional

Leading CSPs are embracing the concept of virtualization technologies but are proceeding with caution due to the immense complexity involved in the management – or orchestration – of virtualized infrastructure. This stall is set to end with the arrival of 5G mobile networks. For CSPs to showcase the advantages of a fully virtualized operational environment, they'll need smart visibility across their network.


Although the telecom industry has set a course towards virtualization of infrastructure enabled by network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networks (SDN), this disruptive strategy is not rolled out comprehensively, writes Bruce Kelley, the Chief Technology Officer(CTO) of NETSCOUT. Leading service providers have embraced the concept of virtualization technologies but still only run relatively low volumes of their total network traffic over their virtual infrastructure.


Solution Highlights

  • Justifying a 5G network with NFV technology
  • SD-WAN flexibility and revenue generation
  • Benefit of virtual probes and Smart Data technology
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Rethinking Service Assurance in Future Mobile Networks

An IDC Technology Spotlight Sponsored by NETSCOUT.



Across mobile networks, the onset of transformative architectures is compelling mobile operators to meet the challenge of managing an ever-more complex network.This Technology Spotlight explores the role of a fully integrated end-to-end visibility solution in enabling an agile mobile network.


Solution Highlights

  • Key service assurance challenges for MNOs
  • Benefits of end-to-end visibility across hybrid networks
  • Future challenges for MNOs
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