Automatically Engineer the RAN Network for Growth and Performance

You’ve made significant investments in rolling out LTE-Advance and 5G networks to support growing subscriber demands, complex services and revenue generation targets.

Keep the momentum going and assure success with a comprehensive solution designed to address the complexities of the RAN and enable large scale automation initiatives. With correlated, mediated, AI-digestible metadata sets, NETSCOUT’s RAN Optimization and Automation solutions empower service providers to resolve and fine-tune critical carrier capacity, coverage, and quality issues.

Diverse NEM Offerings Lag Behind Technology Innovations

New architectures are paving the way for the introduction of new gNodeBs and 5G-enabled handsets and network equipment manufacturers are working around the clock to win business with leading service providers. Unfortunately, these initial NEM offerings will be limited with basic 5G functionality and growing operational gaps.

To address the inevitable disconnect, service providers need automation tools that can help them deploy and cost-effectively tune complex, new RAN architectures and troubleshoot interoperability.


NETSCOUT Delivers Industry-Leading Value
with RAN Optimization and Automation

NETSCOUT Delivers Industry-Leading Value with RAN Optimization and Automation

Bridge the Gap for 5G RAN Planning and Optimization

With service providers looking to reduce OPEX with 5G, visibility into configuration management and automation frameworks can reduce operational risk and improve the end user experience.

NETSCOUT’s 4G/5G RAN solutions deliver this visibility and automation with deep insights from Smart Data into the performance for key RAN activities and business objectives.

Leveraging a cloud docker framework, the vendor-agnostic solution is 3GPP compliant and suitable for networks of any size and at any stage in the 5G Lifecycle.  

5G Life Cycle Phases

Click on the 5G lifecycle diagram to explore RAN challenges addressed by the NETSCOUT solution.

Deploying 5G Networks?

Build RF Propagation models with real drive test ground truth data. Audit and optimize RF plan and design with real-time heatmap.

Need Simplify RF Workflows?

Over 4000 global unique RAN engineers use TrueCall GeoAnalytics workflow daily to solve RAN issues.

Testing RAN KPIs?

NETSCOUT RAN Analytics solution has proven assurance for workflows primarily with high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for RAN visibility, optimization, and performance.

How Smart Is Your RAN Data?

Achieve deeper insights into RAN and core performance for continuous assurance and improved optimization for your third-party applications with Smart Data feeds for actionable insights.

Trust but verify - RAN Policy working?

Ensure 5G automated policies with succinct KPIs, while validating performance especially for RIC with Open RAN.

Embrace the Open RAN Revolution

With 5G, vendor-agnostic RAN monitoring solutions are needed to manage the diverse landscape and support emerging architectures in support of RAN service offerings such as Traffic Steering, QoE/QoS, Massive MIMO, RAN Sharing, and Network Slicing.

The prioritization of a scalable cloud-based platform is needed to cost-effectively address multifactorial issues associated with opening the RAN including IP transport assurance, cell performance, vendor interoperability and handover analysis, cell analysis at the edge, RAN Intelligence Controller (RIC) automated policies and data feeds.

RAN Network Optimization
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NETSCOUT RAN Optimization and Automation Solutions

With the introduction of the RAN Analytics Application Suite, NETSCOUT® delivers a customizable and holistic approach for network growth, business transformation and 5G profitability.

NETSCOUT's RAN Analytics Application Suite utilizes Smart Data from the InfiniStreamNG RAN platform. With purpose-built applications to address specific 5G priorities, the RAN Analytics applications work seamlessly with existing NETSCOUT troubleshooting tools for a lower total cost of ownership and single-pane views for added productivity and operational efficiencies.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Scalable cloud-based platform provides insights into any network performance and support hybrid and cloud-based networks.

Vendor Agnostic
RAN network analytics and visibility solutions work with any technology, any network, any service.

Decades of experience in the industry and a strong global partnership ecosystem identifies, improves, and resolves business use cases.

Proven Usability
Over 4000 unique daily users apply easy-to-follow geo analytics workflows when solving RAN network architecture issues.

Real Visibility
Cost-effective, vendor-independent trace port collection delivers genuine visibility into authentic RAN signaling.

Superior Experience
24x7 real-time visibility and a powerful geo-analytics platform helps RF engineers quickly troubleshoot subscriber issues across 3G, 4G, 5G, and NB-IoT networks.


Solution Focus Areas

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Effectively address the most complex technology turns at the point of access.

A suite of applications and workflows deliver the real-time and historical information needed to quickly isolate and resolve congestion and interference problems contributing to 70% of all subscriber issues.

RAN Analytics

Analyze information quickly and confidently guide next actions with a customizable and holistic approach to network growth, business transformation and 5G profitability.

Distinct modules address specific 5G RAN challenges and enable the customization of datasets and reporting capabilities for automation initiatives.

What's Riding on Your RAN?