Great Mobile Experiences Rely on RAN Performance

No matter how well the core network is performing, issues in the RAN often lead to significant quality of experience (QOE) or Quality of Service (QoS) problems. Empowered with a deep understanding of the RAN, Carrier Service Providers (CSPs) can build and tune better performing access networks, proactively resolve emerging problems and reduce the risk of widespread, debilitating subscriber churn.

Increasing quality expectations around existing 4G services (mobility, data, VoLTE and video) and the evolution to 5G and cloud architectures only magnify the complexity of RAN innerworkings that contribute to issues including latency, reliability, and signaling overhead.

To meet these new challenges, LTE & 5G RAN planning and operations teams rely on NETSCOUT solutions to protect and accelerate time to market, identify and resolve network degradation and efficiently triage fault isolation across cross functional teams.

Ensure the Success of 5G Planning and Deployment

NETSCOUT’s RAN monitoring and troubleshooting applications are deeply rooted in field-proven best practices. Delivering reliable, life cycle network planning, operations and optimization strategies, NETSCOUT addresses the holistic needs of 4G/5G, Cloud and Open RAN networks.

From pre-launch to operation, RF teams can successfully identify and quickly resolve root cause service degradation anywhere in the network while optimizing performance based on proven datasets and actionable insights.

Ensure the Success of 5G Planning and Deployment
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RAN Network Monitoring Use Cases


Audit and optimize RF coverage and capacity designs with real-time heatmaps and vendor agnostic data collection.


Solve problems faster with field-proven RF workflows in use by more than 4000 unique RAN engineers.


Gain RAN visibility, optimization, and performance insights with meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Leverage RAN and core performance insights for use with third-party applications and automation initiatives.

RAN Network Monitoring Solution Components


InfiniStreamNG RAN

Access real-time views of RAN control plane for end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual network environments.

RAN Flow Broker

Enable full subscriber identity analysis for Smart Data feeds and TrueCall GeoAnalytics applications.


Improve understanding of network capacity and complexity with true user performance insights.

nGenius Session Analyzer

Quickly isolate and resolve congestion and interference problems contributing to 70% of all subscriber issues.

What's Riding on Your RAN?