Gain Cloud Performance and Visibility

Hybrid cloud is the ideal IT model for today’s digital business climate. Allowing users to choose the appropriate workload environment also allows them to shift workloads in step with the evolving needs of an organization by moving data and computing workloads across private, public, and third-party clouds. However, hybrid cloud systems can also pose complex IT architecture and security challenges for larger enterprises.

Service Provider Cloud Visibility Diagram
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5G is assured to bring major improvements to the cloud computing world. Carriers themselves are leveraging the cloud to make 5G networks more secure and seamless, ultimately delivering faster speeds, lower latency, and greater capacity for more compute-intensive applications.

With the most 5G and cloud deployments, NETSCOUT is uniquely positioned to assist communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises with unmatched visibility.

Gain a complete view within and between:

  • Physical network (5G, 4G, LTE, data centers)
  • Private Clouds (5G, Kubernetes, OpenStack, VMWare)
  • Public Clouds (5G, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud)
  • Edge (5G, Client, Service, Servers)
Multi-Cloud Visibility for Service Providers

High Definition Multi-Cloud Visibility

In hybrid networks there must be visibility across all network implementations to assure the high-quality delivery and security of applications and services. Whether the cloud implementations are on-prem or in public clouds, deployed in containers, virtual machines, having visibility within a pod and between pods and virtual machines along with traditional centers is essential. Our unique value is creating smart data from this deep visibility that provides both granular and service level views.

Cloud Visibility for Service Providers
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Visibility is Mission Critical to Growing Revenue

Extend your reach with full visibility into Edge services, cloud availability zones, cellular, and IP networks. See every communication between different virtualized networks, all on a single pane of glass.

Having a seamless and proactive view of the network for service assurance means Operations can rapidly identify, triage and isolate issues that impact services from degradation to outages reducing Meant Time To Repair (MTTR) from days to minutes.

Moving Towards Cloud Native

Cloudification of the network is moving forward with Containerization, Kubernetes-like environments with orchestration and service meshes, along with virtual machine based micro services.

NETSCOUT provides complete visibility to microservice, pod, pod-to-pod communications, and in 5G environments where encryption is involved. Migrating services to the cloud and managing a hybrid, multi-cloud network is confidently assured with NETSCOUT.

Cloud Optimized Visibility Software

NETSCOUT’s Cloud Optimized Software

Our Cloud Native design means having software optimized for the cloud and service mesh as part of the service architecture. With service mesh support comes multi-vendor encryption/decryption addressing the challenge of common encryption. DevOps faces an encryption challenge in service development but by leveraging service mesh and NETSCOUT visibility that is solved.

NETSCOUT Supports All Versions of Kubernetes

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Use Cases

Business Services and IoT

Competition demands that businesses be agile and offer lower cost, highly reliable services that can be self-provisioned with digitization. 5G is the enabling technology for next-generation business services that leverage 5G power of low latency, high throughput, and ultra-reliability.

Managing Multi-Cloud Complexity

Disaggregated cloud infrastructure is complex. Seeing every microservice and containerized service interwork enables the proactive management and service triage of the network and to guarantee user experience.

Accelerating Public Cloud Deployments

Migrate workloads faster to public cloud with NETSCOUT’s end-through-end visibility. Understanding current or pre-migration workloads and performance levels helps to assure the same in the cloud.

Driving New Revenues with SLAs

For applications and services now running in the cloud CSPs can offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to enterprise companies, down to SLAs for IoT devices. Enterprises can also extend their visibility of cloud environments.

Gain Cloud Performance and Visibility