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To maintain productivity and organizational collaboration, companies accelerated migration of some of their business compute out of private data centers to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, like Microsoft Office 365, and Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS), such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex Teams.

The rise of the distributed workforce, necessitated by the pandemic, has led to a modern employee base that encompasses a geographically scattered, domestic, and international population. Digital transformations in cloud, Co-los, internet of things, SDN & SD-WANs, as well as SaaS & UCaaS have all combined to make it possible for employees to work basically anywhere the internet reaches.

While some employees will return to company-operated facilities over the next several months, many are predicted to remain home-based or hybrid. Ensuring parity in user experience with SaaS and UCaaS, regardless of the employee’s location, will be essential in maintaining workplace productivity and business objectives.

Netscout Fills the IT Visibility Gap for SaaS/UCaaS Monitoring

The use of and reliance on SaaS and UCaaS applications became a commonplace necessity for many employees over the recent year. Accessing and enjoying a seamless experience with these services can at times be challenging, no matter whether employees are using them – from headquarters, branch locations, or home offices.

With so many variables impacting the quality of user experience – from internet providers, available bandwidth, competing traffic volume, even local connection over ethernet or Wi-Fi – can all play a part in the performance of a SaaS or UCaaS session.

Evaluate the performance and troubleshoot emerging issues to ensure a high-quality experience for all your users, wherever they do their jobs. Netscout service assurance solutions provide rapid triage of performance-impacting issues that helps IT and their technology partners quickly identify the source of performance degradations and restore high-quality end-user experience for all their employees.

SaaS/UCaaS Monitoring Diagram
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