Smarter Visibility and DDoS Defense

Combining core Arbor Networks and NETSCOUT Flow and Smart Data visibility technologies with intelligent analytics, machine learning and automation, Sightline with Sentinel integrates network infrastructure defense functionality and orchestrated mitigation support to deliver unparalleled protection at a lower cost than any other solution.

Using Smart Data, Sightline with Sentinel provides ISPs and large enterprises with a deep understanding of the services their customers use, as well as allows them to detect a broader range of application layer threats, to enable a new breed of visibility and security value-added services.

Sightline with Sentinel understands the capabilities of the routers within a multi-vendor infrastructure and uses these capabilities in combination with Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS) to orchestrate the mitigation of any attack, regardless of size and complexity, with detailed reporting provided through a single pane of glass user-interface. An inter-provider signaling function allows network operators to share attack data and proactively coordinate defense against DDoS attacks, stopping them nearer to their source.


Smarter Visibility

Broad and deep network and application visibility leveraging NETSCOUT Smart Data optimizes network utilization across complex, high-scale networks.

Smarter Protection

NETSCOUT Smart Data intelligently orchestrates the entire network to stop attacks automatically.

Intelligent Automation

Reacts to attacks more quickly and reduces operational overhead, while providing full feedback and visibility.

Smarter DDoS equals Smart Protection

  • Layer 7 Visibility

    Broad and deep network visibility, leveraging NETSCOUT Smart Data, to better understand network traffic and service health.

  • Orchestration Mitigation Support

    Intelligently orchestrating the entire network to stop DDoS attacks, automatically.

  • Inter-Provider Signaling

    Communicate and share attack data upstream to mitigate attacks closer to the attacker.

Smart Visibility Driving Smarter DDoS Defense
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Organizations need visibility at the network, application and services layers to optimize network utilization and cost, and to truly understand and protect the services their users rely on.

Sightline with Sentinel combines best-in-class Flow visibility with NETSCOUT Smart Data to deliver network, application and service layer visibility in terabit scale networks.

This unique visibility enables OTT service analysis and content delivery optimization across complex networks, and enables a new breed of always-on value-added service offerings, combining visibility and security, for service providers to drive new revenue streams.

Automated, Orchestrated Attack Mitigation
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Arbor Sightline with Sentinel provides a unified view of all DDoS attack detection and mitigation activities across different network infrastructures.

With tight network integration, this operational efficiency permits fast threat response across the entire network infrastructure providing scaled protection at a low cost.

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With Sightline Signaling, organizations can share attack details and trigger mitigation upstream to service providers or peering partner.

This allows mitigation of the attack to occur closer to the source so that these upstream and peering links are not overloaded.

Inter-operator collaboration for DDoS attacks is now possible and assures better quality of service for the Internet.

Arbor Sightline with Sentinel
Solution Brief

Arbor Sightline with Sentinel

Arbor Sightline with Sentinel combines the technologies of NETSCOUT and Arbor to deliver smarter traffic visibility and threat detection, as well as an automated, fully integrated DDoS defense.

Arbor Sightline
Data Sheet

Arbor Sightline

As network operators, you demand a solution that evolves with your business needs. Arbor Sightline has been evolving with operators over the last decade and continues to be the de facto platform for understanding how traffic is flowing through your network. Download this data sheet to learn how Arbor Sightline can help you meet your key business objectives.

Threat Mitigation System
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Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS)

Proven, Comprehensive Threat Protection and Service Enablement

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