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Protecting Your Stateful Devices

NETSCOUT AED can eliminate the DDoS threat and the danger to your stateful devices while assisting your organization in continued efforts to maintain availability to business-critical applications.

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Arbor Edge Defense® (AED) is an on-premise, always-on, stateless, DDoS-specific, mitigation solution. AED can identify and mitigate attacks up to 40 Gbps, and because of its stateless design, it is not susceptible to state-exhaustion attacks that target stateful devices such as VPN gateways, firewalls or load balancers.

AED is designed to sit on the edge of the network between the Internet and your network’s stateful devices and protect them from the very attacks designed to take them down. In the event of a large volumetric attack that’s designed to saturate the Internet circuit, AED’s cloud signaling feature will automatically route traffic to a cloud-based, DDoS protection like NETSCOUT Arbor Cloud or one from your ISP.