Time for a New Cybersecurity Stack at the Network Edge

Once confined to your corporate network and branch offices, the network edge has expanded to include private/public clouds, partner networks, or home-based users. Still, the network edge remains a critical point in the network to detect and mitigate cyber threats. The continuous onslaught of DDoS attacks, data breaches and ransomware attacks is a constant reminder that the traditional network edge cybersecurity stack is not working.

What’s required is a next generation network edge protection solution that’s fronted with stateless threat detection and mitigation technology designed to protect not only the stateful network cybersecurity stack itself but also the network and services behind it. In other words, what’s required is Smart Network Edge Protection.

Smart Edge Protection protects from inbound and outbound threats
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Next Generation Network Edge Protection Solutions

Stateless Smart Network Edge Protection solutions provide a first line of defense as it stops inbound threats such as DDoS attacks, probing/reconnaissance and brute force password attempts that threaten the availability and performance of the stateful cyber security stack. This same edge protection should also detect and stop outbound indicators of compromise that have been missed by the cybersecurity stack, essentially acting as a last line of defense. 

NETSCOUT Omnis Security Smart Edge Protection

Deployed on your premises, inside your internet router and in front of your network cybersecurity stack, Netscout Omnis Smart Edge Protection solution, part of the Omnis Security Platform, uses stateless packet processing technology to protect your network, your services and your stateful network cybersecurity stack from cyberthreats. The Omnis Smart Edge Protection solution is a first and last line of smart network edge protection that can:

Stop Inbound DDoS Attacks

that threaten the availability of networks, applications and stateful devices in the network cybersecurity stack.

Stop Inbound Brute Force Attacks

that are preludes to network and data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Stop Outbound Indicators of Compromise

to reduce post network breach dwell time and stop the data breach or ransomware attack.


into an existing cybersecurity stack and processes for more effective threat detection and response.
Omnis Smart Edge Protection Use Cases

NETSCOUT Omnis Smart Edge Protection is a versatile solution that can be used as a first and last line of cyber threat protection for your organization. Select each of the uses cases in the diagram to learn more.

Protect Firewall

Firewalls are stateful devices that are susceptible to state exhaustion DDoS attacks. Deployed in front of the firewall, Omnis Arbor Edge Defense uses stateless packet processing technology to stop inbound DDoS attacks to protect the availability of the firewall and services behind it.

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Protect VPN

VPN concentrators are stateful devices that are susceptible to state exhaustion DDoS attacks. Deployed in front of the VPN concentrator, Omnis Arbor Edge Defense use stateless packet processing technology to stop inbound DDoS attacks to protect the availability of the VPN concentrator and enable remote use access.

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Stop Volumetric DDoS Attack

When a DDoS attack exceeds the size of your internet circuit, you must rely upon a cloud-based DDoS protection service. In the event of such an attack, via its Cloud Signaling feature, Omnis Arbor Edge Defense, can automatically route attack traffic to a cloud-based mitigation service such as NETSCOUT Arbor Cloud or one from your ISP.

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Stop Ransomware

Long before a ransomware attack occurs, the attacker was most likely dwelling inside your network environment for a while. It’s during this time that you want to discover indicators of compromise (IoCs) that precede the download of and execution of ransomware. Armed with threat intelligence from NETSCOUT ATLAS or 3rd parties (via STIX/TAXII) Omnis Smart Edge can detect and block outbound traffic from compromised internal hosts communicating with attacker command and control or malware that is known to precede the download of ransomware.

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Block at Edge with Contextual Investigation

Though the network edge has evolved, its still the best place in the network to block both inbound and outbound cyber threats. But blocking at the network edge requires complete confidence that you are not blocking legitimate traffic. Leveraging NETSCOUT ISNG network instrumentation and Smart Data, Omnis Cyber Intelligence can conduct rapid, highly contextual cyber threat investigations that enable the confidence to block at the network edge using a firewall or Omnis Arbor Edge Defense.

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Security Stack Integration

Omnis Smart Edge Protection components can easily integrate into your security stack and processes. This includes use of open APIs, support for standards such as SYSLOG, STIX/TAXII, and existing integrations with 3rd parties such as Splunk and AWS Security Hub SIEM, Palo Alto Networks firewall and SOAR, and Anomali and Threat Quotient TIPs.

Get Protected with Omnis

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