Gain Immediate Actionable Visibility to Solve Performance Issues

Today’s leading businesses must reduce the lead time on solving complex problems to keep workforces productive during unplanned disruptions. Independent research firm, TechValidate, asks your peers if NETSCOUT solutions are having an impact on their day to day operations and their bottom line. Read what they say below.

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Industry Tech Facts

What Companies Say About NETSCOUT Solutions


Solve Business Continuity Challenges

98% of customers say NETSCOUT helps them solve business continuity challenges by gaining end-to-end visibility across the cloud, data center, and network edge, as well as detect anomalies and then quickly and efficiently investigate the root cause.

Reduce Business Risk

Most organizations reduce business risk by 25% or more when expanding visibility both on premises and in the cloud.

Assure Service Delivery

90% or more IT professionals think smart data and superior analytics makes a huge difference for assuring service delivery in Cloud, Virtualization, UC&C, and IoT environments.