While trading floors have long used cutting-edge technology to bring precision to execute critically timed financial transactions, Capital Markets leaders today realize remote traders expect the same level of security and responsiveness to fulfill timely purchase, sale, and market research requests.

While Capital Markets companies manage these changing trading technology environments, their IT teams have increased the cadence of digital transformation projects, with business service and application workload moves to Cloud services and third-party platforms.

With more employees working remotely, the need has never been greater for end-to-end visibility across increasingly vast Capital Markets network and application environments.

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For years, NETSCOUT has assisted Capital Markets IT teams with these digital transformation journeys. At a time of unprecedented service delivery interruptions, we help industry leaders monitor remote operations environments and protect these businesses from cybersecurity attacks.

NETSCOUT Solutions for the Capital Markets Industry

  • Visibility, real-time monitoring, and cybersecurity to protect market data feeds and securities transactions
  • Assure customer and end-user experience across Web, mobile, voice, and call center environments.
  • Before, during, and after monitoring for Multi-Cloud, Co-Lo, Virtual, and Data Center transformation success
  • Easing evidentiary compliance with financial standards

Key Capital Markets Focal Areas

Assuring Business Continuity in Trading Environments

Cloud Migration Assurance

Visibility and before, during, and after monitoring for assuring Capital Markets migration to Multi-Cloud platforms.

Trading Application Performance Management

With rising volumes of individual traders using Web and mobile apps for transactions and market research, NETSCOUT provides visibility and monitoring required to assure performance of Cloud-based and SaaS platforms and the email and AI-based chatbot apps operating on them.

Network Performance Management

nGeniusONE provides visibility into multi-cloud, virtual, Co-lo, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Security & Availability

NETSCOUT protects Capital Markets from cyberthreats that can cause loss of clients’ private data, damage to internal applications and databases, and risk in websites and portals due to DDoS attacks.

UC&C Performance Management

NETSCOUT provides vendor-agnostic visibility and real-time monitoring of VoIP, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Jabber environments, as well as Call Center environments operating on premises or on CCaaS platforms. 

Regulatory Compliance

NETSCOUT smart data and smart analytics ease evidentiary compliance with Capital Markets regulatory changes, helping IT reduce business disruption.

Performance Management for Financial Companies

Network and Application Performance Management in Financial Companies

Financial Services organizations put their full faith in end-through-end visibility for cloud migration. NETSCOUT solutions earns a stellar 4-stars or more for its ability to protect user experience.

We had a payback period of 0-3 months in increased IT collaboration and operational efficiencies when using Netscout for our hybrid cloud.

- IT Director at Financial Services Organization

Monitor and protect your market with NETSCOUT.