It is now clear that going forward, remote work is becoming a more common alternative in the corporate world for a portion of the global employee community. While the magnitude of this shift is still to be determined, the needs of remote and home-based users present a strategic challenge to IT organizations. These employees maintain high expectations when it comes to the performance of business applications hosted in data centers and cloud or from SaaS providers.

  • The traffic volumes at the Data Center's Internet Gateways have changed and these connections need to be constantly monitored as traffic profiles change due to the demand of the increased number of home-based workers.
  • Applications in the data center are critical to keep the business running. Visibility deep into the data center is essential to keeping these applications running at levels expected by the business.
  • Productivity applications like Microsoft Office365 and collaboration solutions like Webex are critical to keeping the business running. When working from home, IT no longer has visibility into these applications, but users still rely on IT to provide support.

NETSCOUT Assures Remote Access Performance and Availability

Employees expect the same quality of experience accessing business applications and services, no matter where they are located when connecting to the corporate network. NETSCOUT provides solutions to monitor, trend, and troubleshoot issues impacting employees working from:

  • Home and off-property locations
  • Remote corporate offices and branches
  • Headquarters and data centers
Web Services Monitor
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