NETSCOUT VPN Performance Monitoring

Reliable VPN Connectivity is crucial to hybrid workforce productivity. Employees need fast and efficient access to company resources from anywhere, at any time. NETSCOUT’s end-through-end visibility gives organizations continuous, real-time insights into VPN availability and performance to maintain business continuity and ensure seamless and secure access.

Managing the access needs of remote workers while also balancing the complexity of data centers, co-los, cloud and SaaS infrastructures highlights the importance of holistic visibility into VPN performance. Changes in traffic patterns and access requests from working environments around the world continue to emphasize the modern enterprise’s need for agile, real-time visibility and performance management solutions for VPN monitoring.

nGenius Enterprise Performance Management for VPN

Network & Application Performance Over VPN

NETSCOUT measures, tracks, and trends traffic activity over the VPN to support troubleshooting, capacity planning, and user experience management activities. Deep packet inspection scales with the complex modern enterprise’s infrastructure to monitor VPN performance from data centers to co-los to the cloud.

End-User Experience Monitoring

Expectations for remote users accessing corporate resources over VPN are high. Whether in co-los or private data centers, peak VPN performance is critical to maintaining quality digital experiences. NETSCOUT provides a unique combination of passive  monitoring and active business transaction testing to assess and address issues impacting user experience.

Protect VPN Availability

Arbor Edge Defense (AED) is NETSCOUT’s industry leading DDoS protection solution. It is a hardware or virtual appliance that resides on premise, in front of firewall or VPN gateway to protect them and application services from volumetric (up to 40Gbps), TCP state exhaustion or application layer attacks.

Assure VPN Performance for the Hybrid Workforce

Employees around the world need uninterrupted access to company resources. Powered by our patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology, NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solutions help IT teams analyze granular data to quickly isolate, triage, and resolve issues impacting the VPN. The complex modern enterprise requires end-through-end visibility into data centers, co-los, and cloud and SaaS environments to ensure VPN availability for employees around the world.

Whether users are experiencing quality issues, network and VPN connectivity are slow, or a DDoS attack is blocking availability, NETSCOUT’s end-through-end visibility helps identify the root of the problem and minimize negative impact to daily operations.


Assure VPN Performance for the Hybrid Workforce
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Assure Remote Access and VPN Performance.