Arbor Sightline

Pervasive Network Visibility, Threat Management, Revenue Generation.

Arbor Sightline provides comprehensive network visibility and reporting capabilities to help you detect and understand availability threats, and improve traffic engineering, peering relationships and service performance.

Know what's happening across your network and why.

For service providers and large enterprise network operators, solving key business problems starts with proper visibility. Arbor Sightline lets you achieve pervasive network visibility with ease. Deployed as virtual machines or dedicated appliances, Arbor Sightline is proven to scale cost-effectively across your entire global network. It analyzes NetFlow, SNMP and BGP telemetry data from across the network, annotating it with context specific to your network, users and traffic, to transform raw data into actionable operational and business insights.

Gain Business Insights, not just data.

Optimize resources and reduce costs leveraging a wide range of tools, from network-wide capacity planning to DDoS detection to managing overlay BGP/MPLS VPN

Visualize your network traffic.

Count on pervasive network visibility to make critical routing and peering design decisions, lower transit costs and derive meaningful customer and market insights

  • Keep the Network and Services Running
    Detect and resolve problems quickly, before they impact the business

  • Detect Problems
    Detect potential outages from network hotspots, BGP hijacks, DDoS attack traffic or network misconfigurations Diagnose and resolve issues quickly with Arbor Sightline root cause analysis tools

  • Launch Revenue Generating Services
    Leverage Arbor Sightline in combination with Arbor TMS or the Cisco ASR 9000 vDDoS solution to expand your DDOS managed services business and increase revenue

  • Expand Offerings
    Expand service offerings to include traffic and routing analytics, market breakdowns, Quality of Service (QoS), MPLS/BGP VPNs, and DDoS detection, alerting and forensic trace-back

Saving Time and Manpower

"With Arbor Networks Sightline, we are notified of any new attack within minutes of its start. We can more rapidly identify the compromised server and immediately start working on containing the attack. Basically, we save time and manpower." - iWeb Technologies, Chief Technology Officer

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Xtel Communications

With Arbor Sightline and Arbor Threat Mitigation System in Xtel’ s environment, the network operation center is able to respond to events in less time with greater precision.

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Arbor Sightline

As network operators, you demand a solution that evolves with your business needs. Arbor Sightline has been evolving with operators over the last decade and continues to be the de facto platform for understanding how traffic is flowing through your network. Download this data sheet to learn how Arbor Sightline can help you meet your key business objectives.

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Arbor Sightline Flex Licensing

Flex Licensing is a software only licensing model that allows entitlements to be moved and used where most beneficial, allowing you to cost-effectively expand your SP deployment and support your future network growth.

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Arbor Sightline with Insight Data Sheet

Arbor Sightline with Insight builds on the industry-leading Arbor network visibility platform, adding powerful new big data capabilities that create a photographic memory of network traffic data plus new visual analytics for exploring it at the speed of thought. Leverage Arbor Sightline’s unique flow annotations and enrichment to create context by matching this memory to your network topology, customers and traffic patterns — enabling you to conduct agile, multi-dimensional searches of raw and enriched data with unlimited filtering, the ability to maintain granularity over time, detailed retrospective drill-downs and effortless pivots from graphical to tabular visualizations — all while maintaining state on the event and period of interest.

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