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Large Gaming Organization Employs Out-of-Band Traffic Analysis and Surgical Mitigation to Battle Newest DDoS Attacks

The real concern for most of the gaming industry is the attacks designed to evade upstream protections and navigate through the network looking for targets.

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The gaming industry is a preferred target of DDoS attacks for a variety of reasons including:

  • Creates billions of dollars in revenue, making it a profitable target for attackers.
  • The user base of gamers provides a massive amount of personal information that can be used for malicious purposes.
  • Gamers are competitive and can gain substantial prize money when they win. This gives gamers an incentive to leverage attacks, like DDoS, to ensure they beat their competition.

Combine this with the newest trends in TCP/SYN Flood attacks targeting Firewalls and other stateful security stack devices that are designed to elude upstream solutions by being low
in size, of short duration, and high in persistence and you have problematic attacks that can diminish a user’s gaming experience. These types of attacks can target authentication servers
or matchmaking servers, preventing players from logging into the game or being placed into matches, depriving them of access to the game even though 99% of the infrastructure is still fine.