NETSCOUT Cloud Solutions - Navigate the Cloud with Confidence

NETSCOUT Cloud Solutions - Navigate the Cloud with Confidence

Migrate Applications to the Cloud with Confidence

Migrating applications to the cloud creates new visibility borders across private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments, which increases the challenges of delivering high-quality services. Leveraging our cloud migration monitoring and analysis capabilities to assure the performance and security demands of workloads pre- and post-migration means having Visibility Without Borders for end-through-end insights. Having end-through-end visibility enables businesses to migrate applications to the cloud with confidence.

Hybrid-Cloud-optimized solution for proactive performance monitoring, analytics, and security.

Delivering real-time insights on applications as they migrate to the cloud.

Supporting business agility and stringent time-to-market requirements for new services.


Successfully migrating applications to the cloud starts with holistic visibility into the performance of a business's current configuration. To migrate applications from data centers, companies use either lifting-and-shifting or refactoring applications into microservices, which are loosely coupled, small pieces of code, that require frequent communication. Maintaining visibility throughout the migration to the cloud with analytics and security helps assure the delivery of high-quality services.

It has never been more important to take control of application performance and solve service delivery problems quickly. Making this happen hinges on continuous monitoring everywhere in the service delivery infrastructure. Netscout accomplishes this with cloud migration solutions.

The Visibility to Migrate to the Cloud with Success

Ray Krug, Director-Product Marketing at Netscout, discusses the importance of wire data. How do you get wire data and where do you get wire data when there are no wires? The good news is Netscout solves this problem for accessing and storing wire data efficiently.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Providing end-through-end visibility into lifted-and-shifted and refactored applications and services migrating to the cloud
  • Supporting “Fast to Fail” agile development with real-time monitoring, which leads to reduced MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) from time saving, effective root-cause analysis
  • Enhancing end-user and customer productivity with improved network and service availability, reliability and responsiveness

NETSCOUT Smart Data offers Visibility from a Single Pane of Glass to Accelerate Cloud Migration

NETSCOUT’s cloud migration monitoring capabilities rely on end-through-end Visibility Without Borders that is based on continuous monitoring and processing of traffic data at the source and generating smart data. NETSCOUT Smart Data is based on ultra-high-definition metadata used for actionable intelligence and powerful troubleshooting capabilities across any physical, virtual, colocation and cloud to provide customers the confidence to innovate and accelerates migration of on-premises workloads to cloud.

Smart Cloud Migration to AWS

Accelerate your migration to AWS with NETSCOUT’s Smart Data Intelligence.

Embark on Your Cloud Migration Journey with Confidence

NETSCOUT Business Assurance solutions help guide you on your journey to successfully reach your destination.

Voice of the Customer - Cloud Migration Monitoring

In a Cloud-connected world, the speed of advancement depends on the power of intelligence.

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Start your Cloud Migration with Confidence

Netscout Visibility is available on major Cloud Service Provider marketplaces.

One Smart Question

Why migrate applications to the cloud?

As IT organizations embrace microservice applications, due to their ability to increase agility and scalability, the need to migrate these microservice applications to the public cloud also increases. For this reason, migrations to public cloud and adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) have become key areas of focus for many enterprises. NETSCOUT visibility can help throughout these transitions to ensure quality user experience is maintained throughout the life of the project.

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