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Efficiently Monitor Contact Centers to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Watch and listen as Solution Architect Ray Krug from NETSCOUT discusses a real-world customer use case of a Global Contact Center Provider that wanted to ensure the highest quality of experiences in their Contact Centers and mask complexity and mitigate risk by ensuring that had the visibility to all aspects of the experience by leveraging both Smart Data from nGeniusONE and synthetics and active testing using nGeniusPULSE.

Protecting the User Experience With Your Contact Center

Assuring a Quality Customer Experience for Contact Centers


Fortune 100 company trusts NETSCOUT to support expansion to new data center, upgrading their bandwidth, and deploying new cloud platform to strengthen their call centers and online services.

NETSCOUT selected at a leading customer experience platform provider after pinpointing the root cause of a persistent complex performance issue and demonstrating full scalability to AWS and Azure Cloud environments.

Ensuring the Success of Your Contact Center

Whether your contact center is in-house and on-premise, in the Cloud, or outsourced to a leading contact center provider, NETSCOUT can help.

We’ve helped all types of companies and organizations, including industry leading Contact Center Providers, in all types of deployment models, to improve the quality of their contact center communications.

Our solution minimizes the impact of painful service degradations or disruptions that can cause your customers to lose faith that you are a vendor they should partner with for the long-term.

By providing a more efficient and effective way to monitor and manage your contact center, we help minimize the Mean Time to Knowledge (MTTK) for root cause determinations of problems, which accelerates the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and lowers the risk to your business or organization of losing customers due to poor quality communications or the lack of a quality connection to someone who can help them.

You have worked very hard to earn your customers or serve your constituents, let NETCOUT help you protect your contact center engagements so you can reap the benefits of being responsive and helpful to your customers, prospects and vendors.

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