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Assure Mission-Critical Business Service Availability & Network Performance

Maintaining high-performing digital services across distributed hybrid cloud environments was already a challenge for enterprise IT organizations. However, recent challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic has catapulted complexity to another level for business globally. Suddenly, providing employees and customers with safe, secure access and availability to business applications and services has taken on a new dynamic with some accessing from home and others in corporate offices. In some cases, dealing with exponential traffic growth hitting critical internet circuits and VPN gateways, capacity and bandwidth availability has moved from an operational challenge to a business-critical priority.

Today’s organizations require holistic visibility across the service delivery infrastructure to support new access dynamics that may include demand for capacity and availability for remote access. Monitoring incoming activity for tracking and trending traffic and application utilization is essential. Holistic visibility should be an integral part of a broad-based performance and availability strategy that encompasses not only the edge and private data center, but also cloud and SaaS environment. Today, delivering a high-quality user experience for employees, from anywhere, over any device, for any infrastructure, is priority number one.

Assuring Network Availability and Performance

At a minimum, business continuity demands seamless network availability and application performance. NETSCOUT’s service assurance solutions will help enterprises validate performance expectations for internet bandwidth, VPN capacity, and hybrid cloud/SaaS performance levels while quickly pinpointing trouble spots to minimize disruptions and help users do their jobs.

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