Superior Operational Insights—No Surprises

Execute your business goals—faster. The Omnis™ AI Streamer, a powerful new data engine application, supports your entire digital delivery chain. The streamer seamlessly ingests operational data meticulously collected by the Omnis AI Sensor from even the most complex, distributed IT environments. Powered by NETSCOUT’s industry-leading observability, the Omnis AI Streamer curates that data into business insights that accelerate performance, reduce cybersecurity risk, and fuel AIOps transformations with AI/ML model-ready data to revolutionize and automate key aspects of IT operations and ecosystems.


Granular Data with High Accuracy

High-quality curated feeds capture analytics at the source, providing adaptive feature extraction tailored to your needs, and can be easily ingested into data lakes or streamed to NETSCOUT partners.

Operational Excellence For Optimal Control

Detailed metrics and dimensions for all your applications enable actionable, real-time, behavioral and historical insights, which are crucial for fueling hyper-efficient NetOps, SecOps, AIOps initiatives.

Improve Uptime and Mitigate Risk

Conversation-level granularity and transactional insights into user interactions and service environments help uncover hidden performance-robbing trends to rapidly troubleshoot network, application, and security issues.

Better Data Means Better Decisions

Confidently make choices that serve you now and into the future with an observability solution loaded with telemetry insights to fuel your business goals and AI/ML service and operational innovations.

Screenshot of Omnis AI data in a Splunk dashboard
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Omnis data in Splunk

Advanced Data Sources with Comprehensive AI/ML-Ready Insights

A core component of NETSCOUT’s new Omnis AI Insights solution, the Omnis AI Streamer helps you create advanced intelligence pipelines for IT and security data. The streamer efficiently processes high-quality telemetry data to identify areas for improvement, enhance user experience, optimize resource allocation and partner collaboration, and ultimately drive operational efficiency and automation.


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