Stop Dynamic DDoS Attacks with Intelligence-Driven, Adaptive DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are evolving. The new preferred method of DDoS attack is a multi-vector dynamic direct path attack that adjusts vectors and methodologies to continually evade existing DDoS defenses. Add to this the ransomware, phishing attempts, and compromised IoT devices and you can see how organizations are under constant risk from all types of advanced cyber threats. To address these evolving threats, security teams need solutions that can dynamically adapt to the changing attacks - both entering or leaving their networks. Just as importantly, these solutions must also be able to integrate into an organization’s existing security stack and/or consolidate functionality to reduce cost, complexity, and risk.

NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense (AED) is uniquely positioned on the network edge (i.e., between the internet router and the firewall) to provide an inline, always-on, first and last line of defense. Using stateless packet processing, continuous global threat intelligence, decades of DDoS protection and mitigation expertise, and patented adaptive DDoS defense technology, AED can automatically stop inbound, dynamically changing DDoS attacks, including DNS Water Torture and outbound communication from internal compromised devices communicating with threat actor command and control (C2) infrastructure. Arbor Enterprise Manager provides a centralized and scalable single-pane-of-glass console for managing all AEDs.

Network Perimeter Security Benefits

Intelligence Driven, Adaptive DDoS Defense

Protect the availability of critical services from dynamically changing DDoS attacks with actionable, global threat intelligence and automated, adaptable attack analysis and mitigation.  

A Single Solution for Pervasive DDoS Protection

Use a single DDoS attack protection solution to protect services and assets whether deployed on-premises, in a colocation center, or in a public cloud (e.g., AWS).

A First and Last Line of Cyber Threat Defense

Strategically located at the network edge to enable the blocking of inbound DDoS threats and outbound communication from compromised internal hosts to outside command and control infrastructure that all other security tools have missed.

Cyber Threat Defense
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Defense at the Network Edge

Deployed in between the firewall and internet router, and using highly scalable stateless packet processing technology, Arbor Edge Defense acts as a network edge threat intelligence enforcement point where it blocks in bulk, inbound cyber threats (e.g. DDoS attacks, IOCs) and outbound malicious communication - essentially acting as the first and last line of cyber threat defense for an organization at the network perimeter.

How to Block Ransomware from Your Network

How to Block Ransomware from Your Network

Arbor Edge Defense can do more than DDoS mitigation. It can detect and block outbound indicators of compromise (IOCs) that go undetected by other tools in your security stack. For example, AED can detect and block malware known to seed ransomware before the decryption occurs.

Arbor Edge Defense can do more than DDoS mitigation

94% of surveyed IT organizations who selected effectively stopping complex DDoS attacks or effectively stopping state-exhaustion DDoS attacks agree that NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense and Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection helps solve cybersecurity challenges by detecting and blocking both inbound and outbound IoCs as well as other cyber threats.

- TechValidate survey of 35 users of NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense and/or Arbor Cloud


Detecting and Mitigating DNS Water Torture or NXDOMAIN DDoS Attacks

Detecting and Mitigating DNS Water Torture or NXDOMAIN DDoS Attacks

Learn how NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense and Arbor Enterprise Manager can detect and mitigate a DNS Water Torture or NXDOMAIN DDoS Attack, through machine learning, smart rate limiting, threat intelligen

SaaS Provider of Payment Processing Solutions Protects Business from DDoS Attacks with Arbor Edge Defense
Case Study

SaaS Provider of Payment Processing Solutions Protects Business from DDoS Attacks with Arbor Edge Defense

Global SaaS provider with almost a dozen data centers around the world turned to Arbor Edge Defense for increased visibility into both inbound and outbound DDoS attacks.

What to Do If You Are Experiencing a DDoS Attack

Under DDoS Attack? Contact us. NETSCOUT’s industry leading DDoS mitigation experts provide 365/24/7 DDoS Attack Support.  
Call us for immediate assistance at +1-734-794-5099 (Intl.) or +1-844-END-DDoS (North America Toll Free).