Service provider (SP) organizations deliver vital communications and connectivity services to businesses, consumers, and government agencies around the world. This has made them experts at ensuring that customer-facing networks operate at peak performance. Like all companies, they have their own internal, employee-facing network environment to consider as well.

There are several critical applications that service provider IT departments need to ensure they are operating at top performance. Some of those include customer-facing websites and portals for bill-pay or product purchases, contact centers for customer support, crew and outage management applications for field technicians and repairs, or point-of-sale (POS) services in retail stores, just to name a few.

Supporting these essential applications means ensuring performance and availability wherever they are hosted: data centers, contact centers, regional offices, retail stores, hybrid / multicloud, and third-party vendors.

Infrastructure for Service Provider Enterprise IT

Service Provider IT Focal Areas

Application Performance in SP Enterprise IT

Essential for the most critical, customer-impacting services, such as CRM, POS, credit card authorization, web sites and portals, crew management and outage management systems to protect employee productivity and customer experience with the business.

Business Application Performance

Assure that employee and business applications such as Office 365, email, and other SaaS applications, as well as UC&C and UCaaS services meet required high-quality levels and operate without quality impairments.

Network Performance

Manage the challenges of a complex, distributed enterprise IT environment supporting all service provider business activities including data centers, contact centers, retail stores, and remote offices.

Security and Availability

Protecting the availability in light of today’s broader threat landscape is essential to ensure the company can address outage and crew management systems during broad-scale outages that take out communications services.

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