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Service Provider Lowers MTTR for Customer-Impacting Performance

With NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management

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This organization has long benefitted from the visibility and lower mean time to knowledge (MTTK) and MTTR they gain from their nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solution. Visibility throughout their data centers with ISNG appliances is helping to quickly pinpoint issues with network performance and mission-critical application slowdowns that, if left unaddressed, could impact customer care, revenue, employee productivity, and even the pristine reputation of this communications provider.

The nGenius solution’s support of any application, including voice, video, and business data applications, including custom apps, gives both network engineering and DevOps critical information necessary to collaborate internally and with third-party vendors. Using a single platform for all their application performance needs in any infrastructure environment provides investment protection, reduces tool clutter, and improves collaboration.