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Top Healthcare Insurer Improves Enterprise-Wide Service Performance with NETSCOUT Visibility

Ensuring High-Quality User Experiences in Complex IT Environments

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This nationally recognized healthcare insurer designs, sells, and manages comprehensive health coverage, preventive care plans, and a variety of wellness initiatives tailored for individuals, families, and employers. The company’s IT leaders have invested endless hours and millions of dollars in building and refining high-performing digital care portals and health information systems, both in private data centers and cloud-enabled service environments, to protect vital applications for customers.

To ensure the smooth operation of their services, IT leaders and the NetOps team identified several key areas in their IT environment where enhanced visibility was crucial. This enhanced visibility would not only lead to faster, more stable customer experiences but also expedite information sharing with patients and doctors. Without reliable services, medical professionals could face challenges in getting approvals for tests and treatment, potentially affecting routine and life-threatening health conditions.

Read this Case Study to see how longtime partner NETSCOUT helped this healthcare insurer avoid disaster by providing the necessary visibility and support in their IT environment.