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Insurer Fills Gaps in Network Monitoring With Comprehensive Observability

NETSCOUT Helps Improve Voice and Business Application Performance

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A prestigious major insurance organization has provided financial planning, life, and diverse insurance services to millions of loyal customers over many decades. With hundreds of locations across several countries, staying ahead of the digital curve to provide policyholders with exceptional services is critically important to c-suite executives.

As the company grew, so did the cost and complexity of its enterprise IT environments. 

NetOps and DevOps, anticipating a greater investment in cloud and virtualization, felt constrained by their existing third-party legacy point tools. These tools were expensive to
manage and often inaccurate, lacked scalability, and offered a diminished ROI. Changes needed to be made to consolidate on one observability vendor they could trust.

Read this case study to see how NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management helped this company improve visibility and performance.