We help the world’s leading Service Providers simplify network complexity and improve customer experience.

NETSCOUT's service provider portfolio takes traditional assurance and troubleshooting tools and interweaves smart data insights, giving you the ability to deliver optimal network and service performance, excellent customer experience, and powerful business insights.

Carrier Service Provider Network Solutions
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It starts with network visibility

Your subscribers expect a high-quality experience each time they connect with your network. Delivering on these expectations requires visibility of your entire network – across elements, domains, service enablers, technologies, and devices. NETSCOUT provides a complete view of all the interrelationships involved in the service delivery process – no matter where the service is hosted – so you can identify and triage issues faster, keeping your customers connected and happy.

Real-time network monitoring

You collect massive amounts of valuable customer data. Careful analysis of this data creates insights into network and service performance, customer experience, usage, and behavior. NETSCOUT's Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology analyzes IP data in real time, allowing you to tap into the smart data hidden in your high-volume network traffic. ASI smart data is scalable and multi-dimensional, and delivers timely and valuable business intelligence that can be shared across the organization for more informed decisions.