Carrier Service Provider Network Solutions

We help the world’s leading Service Providers simplify network complexity and improve customer experience.

NETSCOUT's service provider portfolio takes traditional assurance and troubleshooting tools and interweaves smart data insights, giving you the ability to deliver optimal network and service performance, excellent customer experience, and powerful business insights.


Your subscribers expect a high-quality experience each time they connect with your network. Delivering on these expectations requires visibility of your entire network – across elements, domains, service enablers, technologies, and devices. NETSCOUT provides a complete view of all the interrelationships involved in the service delivery process – no matter where the service is hosted – so you can identify and triage issues faster,  keeping your customers connected and happy.


You collect massive amounts of valuable customer data. Careful analysis of this data creates insights into network and service performance, customer experience, usage, and behavior. NETSCOUT’s Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology analyzes IP data in real time, allowing you to tap into the smart data hidden in your high-volume network traffic. ASI smart data is scalable and multi-dimensional, and delivers timely and valuable business intelligence that can be shared across the organization for more informed decisions.


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Launch VoLTE Services with Confidence

Our experience with early VoLTE deployments enables swift implementation of field-proven best practices and more relevant KPI calculations.

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Effectively Troubleshoot VoLTE Call Drops

A tier one operator wants to accelerate the uptake and use of VoLTE services.

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Execute Maintenance Upgrades with Confidence

Proactively improve quality by 50% and resolve QoS issues during maintenance upgrades.

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Maximize Premium Video on Demand Revenues

NETSCOUT helped protect this MSO's potential revenue from VoD releases.

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Quickly Isolate Resolution of Subscriber Issues and Improve MTTK

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusOne tools helped this provider accelerate MTTK, improve Overall Subscriber Success Ratio, and reduce initial triaging time by 80%.

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Reduce Lead Time and Fix Inbound Roaming Issues within 5 Minutes

Resolve inbound roaming issues within 5 Minutes and accelerate resolution of roaming traffic failures through early detection.

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Reduce Your Reliance on Costly Drive Testing

Drive testing is expensive and time consuming. Depending on network loading and user activity, it can also be non-repeatable.

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Lower Optimization Costs with Real-time Network Visualization

This customer saved up to 40% in antenna modification costs.

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Reduce Troubleshooting Costs and Escalations

A cloud communications provider is experiencing an alarming increase in trouble tickets being elevated to Tier 3 support.

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Real-Time Data Improves Troubleshooting Efficiency

A nationwide wireless communications provider serving about 6.6 million customers believed costly engineering resources were being monopolized.

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Protect Your Brand

Launch VoLTE service with confidence.

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Video and Media Assurance

Ensure the quality of your fastest growing service.

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Voice Assurance

Increasing the profitability of VoIP and IMS services.

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NFV Service Assurance Solution

See what’s happening across the entire network.

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InfiniStreamNG 2000 Virtual Appliance

InfiniStreamNG 2000 is a virtual appliance that complements existing InfiniStream® appliance based instrumentation to provide the same level of visibility within virtualized infrastructures that is already possible in physical environments.

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InfiniStreamNG 5000 Virtual Appliances

The InfiniStreamNG™ platform represents the next evolution of NETSCOUT’s high capacity and flexible appliances.

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Is Your Radio Access Network Covered?

Four must-ask questions to ensure subscriber satisfaction and reduce troubleshooting costs.

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VoLTE Troubleshooting

Protect the customer experience with Iris Session Analyzer.

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Delivering Life in the Moment: Conversational Video Assured

Conversational video assured.

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The GeoAnalytics Advantage

Building a RAN strategy for a competitive market.

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