Perception is Reality with OTT

Are Your Customers Receiving the Quality of Service They Expect? While popular services such as video streaming and social media are still prevalent, new applications such as gaming, are gaining popularity and even going viral. It is important for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to have the ability to quickly detect these services as they start to saturate the network to ensure that your subscribers are getting the quality of service they expect.

Manage All OTT Services with One Platform

Our nGenius Analytics Solution with Smart Data technology provides detailed IP-level insights of the control and user plane, end-to-end visibility and assurance into the subscriber, network, and service domains. With NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders, gain even greater insight into subscriber sessions with both device and application performance including OTT traffic like video, messaging, and music. Stay ahead of network issues that could impact your network and the subscriber experience by creating customizable service-specific dashboards to monitor and manage all OTT services and applications:

  • Voice and Messaging
  • Streaming Video Messaging
  • Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Interactive Gaming
Google Hangouts


With NETSCOUT’s ultra-HD Smart Data, gain unprecedented visibility derived from the ultimate source of truth: wire data, that is universally available. The NETSCOUT solution includes a uniform and consistent set of metrics, encrypted or unencrypted, ABR or PD. With low TCO: best in class scalability and a software-based pricing model via a cloud native solution.

  • Monitor the most popular media services, network wide
  • We are the only vendor providing complete understanding of growing encrypted video traffic volumes
  • Understand your subscribers’ engagement, performance, and experience
  • Monitor streaming-optimized data plans
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NETSCOUT CSP Web Diagrams_Provides Complete Visibility
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NETSCOUT provides complete visibility into how your OTT is delivered:  whether physical, cloud, or hybrid.

Consistent, leading, key quality indicators, developed by NETSCOUT, based on modern streaming protocols (TLS, QUIC) and technologies (ABR). Proactive visibility into degrading user experience or streaming performance, well before customers notice or bring it to your attention.

Key benefits:

  • Symmetric dataset
  • Single algorithm
  • Zero configuration
There are many metrics to measure the OTT customer user experience.
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There are many metrics to measure the OTT customer user experience. With over a decade of experience and internet protocol in service provider video analytics, we have focused on 8 key indicators of quality that NETSCOUT has developed. With these 8, service providers can thoroughly monitor any congestion on the network, understand the user experience, and stay ahead of customer complaints – ensuring a great user experience (and avoiding customer churn).

  • Delivery Quality Index
  • Video Streaming Capability
  • Video QoE
  • Video Resolution
  • Streaming Throughput
  • Streamed Duration
  • Download Rate and Media Bit Rate
  • Active Time

The NETSCOUT Solution

NETSCOUT can help. Our carrier service provider solutions enable:

Performance Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of OTT applications improves your understanding of resource utilization, service delivery performance, and subscriber behavior.

Actionable Video Insights

Unmatched visibility into encrypted video traffic with nGenius Business Analytics enables tighter control and network-efficient delivery of bandwidth-consuming streaming content.

Subscriber-Based Troubleshooting

Multi-domain session tracing and guided workflows accelerate investigation of subscriber-affecting issues and encourages collaborative resolutions to network impairments and service degradation.

Deployment Flexibility

Leverage unprecedented real-time views of both the user and control planes with end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual network environments. Flexible deployment options leverage COTS-based hardware to monitor growing networks within budget constraints.

Contact NETSCOUT today to manage OTT applications and prioritize network capacity.