Security for Today's Digital Infrastructure

Doing business in a digital economy demands agility, and corporate digital infrastructures have changed profoundly in response. But as businesses race to the cloud and expand activities across a globally distributed digital ecosystem, they must also reinvent cybersecurity to defend this expanded threat surface.

And for that, comprehensive network visibility is fundamental and more advanced network detection and response is required.

Netscout Omnis Security is an advanced network detection and response platform that provides the scale, scope, and consistency required to secure today’s digital infrastructure.

Scalable Instrumentation

Highly scalable network instrumentation that delivers comprehensive visibility across distributed digital infrastructures.

Smart Detection

Threat detection using curated threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, open source data, and advanced analytics.

Contextual Investigation

Contextual cyber threat investigation and hunting using a robust source of metadata and packets.

Smart Edge Protection

Automated blocking at the network edge using industry leading stateless packet processing technology or third-party blocking devices.

Contextual, Network-based Investigation

Security teams can use Omnis Cyber Intelligence to mine Netscout's unique source of network-derived Smart Data consisting of layer 3-7 metadata and packets to conduct rapid, real-time or historical highly contextual investigations of network communication. In a situation where seconds matter, that level of responsiveness helps security teams prioritize alerts and have the confidence to remediate threats faster.

Remediate threats faster with Omnis Cyber Intelligence

Integrated Network-based Threat Detection

Omnis Security is designed for holistic cybersecurity that works across today’s extended digital footprint. It combines highly curated threat intelligence from Netscout and third parties with behavioral and advanced analytics to meld multiple methods of network-based threat detection. And Omnis Security uses open standards, APIs, and intuitive security workflows to easily integrate into existing security stacks and processes.

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IDS Explorer Dashboard


Comprehensive Network Security and Visibility

Underpinning Netscout Omnis Security are the InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) and vSTREAM platforms. Using patented, and proven technology, this highly scalable instrumentation converts network packets into Smart Data to deliver comprehensive and consistent visibility across a disparate digital infrastructure. It’s this level of Visibility without Borders that enables Security without Borders.

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Smart Perimeter Protection

Deployed at the network perimeter and armed with threat intelligence from Netscout Atlas or third parties, Arbor Edge Defense is a stateless solution that blocks inbound DDoS attacks, cyberthreats, and outbound Indicators of Compromise, acting as a first and last line of smart, automated perimeter defense.

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The Netscout Omnis Security Platform

Omnis Solution Diagram
The components of the Omnis Security Platform include: 1) CyberStream or InfinistreamNG/vSTREAM instrumentation with Cyber and IDS Adaptor, 2) Omnis Cyber Intelligence & IDS Explorer, and 3) Omnis AED. These components are integrated within the Omnis Security platform as well as an existing cybersecurity stack to provide advanced network detection and response.

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